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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blog Awards and Dear Ellen Letters

Recently I have received two blog awards, they require you pass them on, and one required 7 new things about myself that you may not know. I have received one, the Versatile Blogger Award a couple times before and I am always very honored. This time it was from Fashion Over Fifty . I encourage you to check out her blog, even if you are not over 50. I simply do not know, or can not think of anything to share that is new. Tuesdays I blurt out all my insecurities and ups and downs in my life, and do not hold anything coming up with 7 new things, well just simply put, they are escaping me at the moment. Passing it on, well I have done so each time I win and it is getting harder and harder, and this time it required me to pass it on 15 instead I am urging you to see my blog roll and just check out a few of the bloggers that seem interesting to you...they are all winners to me!!

The other , I already mentioned on another day..a couple of Tuesdays ago, The Cherry on Top Award, you can see it to the right there, from the blogger at A Beautiful Mess....and again was supposed to pass it on..but will once again say check her blog out and any of the others ...they all deserve it!

So now on to other things. Tuesday, I wrote about the devastating news I received about my dental health. It was not a total surprise, but how bad it actually is, well that was. I researched implants, seems they are the price of a car, and well to top that off, you have to have some bone left for them to to attach to..I do not know that I will have enough left, and well the odds of getting together or affording payments on 20-30k...I have better odds of running and winning a Presidential race. Sadly I fear my husband is also going to be in the same boat....he has not been in even longer, having put me first, then the girls.

So I have begun a write in campaign. I have written Oprah. TWICE, once for her current show and then for her upcoming "OWN" network and shows there. I have also written Ellen Degeneres Show. There is a "Be on the Show " section and you can then click on a link that is for you to write in on your own behalf or anothers to have Ellen help change your/your life  . Then there is one where you can write Ellen about anything. So I have written in to both. I have posted the links to my Facebook page, and thanked Ellen on her Facebook page. I believe that it never hurts to try!

I have always loved Ellen, when I watch her show I feel a bit less lonely, I smile and laugh out loud and it has gotten me through countless hours of exercise when I was stuck at home, and I just love to get up and dance....when no one is around when she does so at the beginning of the show. I respect her, admire her and even if I never hear from her or the show, I will not stop watching when I can and it will not change my opinion. I think she is beautiful inside and out and who would not want that to be an inspiration in their lives??

I have written her many times over the years with no success, but I am just not willing to give up. I have dreamed for years of a beautiful, white, healthy and pain free smile...and also a new healthy smile ( though I adore the old one) for my husband. Bad teeth can equal bad health, or even lead to death. Heart attacks often result from poor dental health. I would like to be around to see grandchildren and grow old with my that means he has to have healthy teeth too....and though he is not in pain as I am , I know they are not healthy.

I know Ellen can not rid me of a lot of my pain and discomfort, being that it is from fibromyalgia and well there is no cure, and not even great pain treatment for that. I can deal with it. I can fight through it. And I am dealing with never owning a home again, and being debt free and secure....I once put that above all other things ( well other than the love of my family) , but maybe, just maybe with enough writing, enough other peoples taking up my cause and writing in Ellen will take notice and she will help me and my husband in this area of our lives.

It can not be too far fetched...I mean I watch her show, when I am not out walking or here on the computer and have seen her change peoples lives. New cars, money for education, money for bills, furniture, and so many other things in why not for a healthy future ??? A healthy , beautiful smile ??  Just like Ellen.......

So won't you help me and my husband have a healthy smile and write in to either of these links...
Write Ellen
Change A Life

And in the meantime , if you get Ellen's show in your area here in the states or where ever you live in the world , tune in, she always makes me smile , laugh and even dance, even on the most painful days of my life....never fails!


  1. Wow...I am sorry for all the challenges you are faced with, dear Ruby, and the pain...awful. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and hope that something comes up to help you soon.

    (I do think Ellen is absolutely hysterical and do tune into her show often. Maybe she will be your angel.)

  2. Congrats on your awards and yes, Ellen is a wonderful person! I wish you all the luck in the world that she will answer you!...<3

  3. I'm sorry too. Hang in there! I do believe that writing is a great way to transform even painful experiences into something that is.... well, if not exactly positive.... at least redemptive or affirming, somehow. (Good luck with the Ellen campaign!)


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