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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Check in : In Pursuit of All Things Girly

So since this Tuesday check in is really evolving to all and anything girly from my adventures in weight struggles , what to do, or what I am doing with hair to my teeth issues and wrinkles and well everything in between. So figure that now Tuesday check in's will encompass all things GIRLY!

So remember that I started two weeks ago with with the face creams.....
Well , I am two weeks in. First thing that I gave up quickly was using the Loreal Eye Pulse part of the eye cream. I am still using the eye cream, it is the pulse part that I just simply found hard to use and that it tugged on my skin. So, I just went to tapping with my index finger for the period of 10 seconds each eye and well it is so much easier and now knowing that , I might just next time by the Wal Mart brand of eye cream for far less money.

I am being really diligent in applying the foundation/moisturizer/sunscreen in the morning along with the eye cream.  I am using the deep line and night moisturizer as well each day. I am noticing small differences. So two weeks in , that seems positive. But now I have a new issue. ACNE! So need to adjust where I apply the chin is looking polka dotted and I am none too happy...seems I have more of a T zone than I thought.

So here is week one, before I started.....

With no smile and the smiles that make those wrinkles deepen.....

And here is today.....

Now I am a realist. I know the excess pocket of skin under my eyes, well without plastic surgery, it is going nowhere!! Smile lines, well I am happy with those, I am happy with the fact that despite all that I have been through and am going through that I can still smile and laugh. But I am seeing improvement in tone and texture of the skin and some of the wrinkles are not quite as deep as before....I think I shall continue with the effort.

Now my weight. I have dropped 5, then back up to only 4 pounds and so it has been going. But I see the body shifting and morphing. I am pleased with the progress. I will admit I need to be a bit more diligent with my eating habits, and that is what I plan to work on now, as well as continuing with my walking, and once the rains hit, well no promises, but will try to get back to my DVDs. So let's recap....

Week One....

132.5 , belly expanding, and the shorts, though still loose, a size 8! Could not fit into my jeans or other shorts without passing out. 

Week two or was it three, oh I dunno, but was soon after, and I had dropped to 12\8.5 and my body was shifting for the better..... I could tuck shirt in!

Then another week or two and hovering around 127, I could fit into my black shorts.....they are a tight 6.

Fast forward , and I am bouncing between 125.8 and 127...depends on the day and what I ate...and I am looking more slender than ever....still a size six...but I am seeing things continue to shift even though I have been slacking, I am very motivated to get back on track! ( please excuse lack of smile in this...trying to just get the shot before we lost the light and hubby forgot to say smile LOL)

Now a recap on hair. I cut more off. Really did not intend to take quite as much off, but in trying to save money, went to a local salon and this gent that still cuts in quadrants , and rather does his own thing, even with me bringing in a magazine. I had been growing my hair out and going gray...just to see if I could live with it and embrace it....
Then I decided to cut it, but keep the gray...
I went with baby steps...
 Short and angled.....
 Still shorter.....but now taking the coloring leap once again with many votes from you all to do so.....


Then I decided maybe I was not digging too short cut and started to re-grow it...yeah I am a fickle one....
And I grew it a bit into a "mushroom bob" ... I had liked it a couple of years ago...but I dunno....was not feeling it now....
So here we are....the new cut, short again, shortest yet, a cute pixie.....I am sure I shall tweak the bangs, the color or the fringe , but let me tell you it is wonderful to not have to muss and fuss with it!!!

So what do you think???? I always value your opinion!

Other updates...I have received so many wonderful comments and such great support and prayers from you all when I shared my woes over my latest dental appointment. They mean the world to me! Truly! Then when many of you told me you would write to The Ellen Show on my behalf ( And if you have not, would you?? It took a lot for me to swallow my pride to ask, as I am not one to ask for help...I am always one to give it. ) in response to my blog the other day, well that just really touched my heart so very much! So though it will never really express what it means to me, you all taking up my cause to either save my teeth a bit longer or help me get dentures, as well as my husband being able to do the same.....I just want to say to all you readers THANK YOU!!! GOD BLESS YOU!
Tuesday Check in : In Pursuit of All Things Girly 

OHHHH...and my Mom paid for me to get my nails done..I have acrylic again....just white tips with pink over it, but it is better than thinking, splitting nubs, and when they were done I was flashing them everywhere and doing the girly happy dance!!!
*****If there is anything you want me to do research about, try out ( within reason) and share here, from hair products and make up to a new diet or exercise trick/tip...LET ME KNOW..this is the one day a week where anything dealing with being girly ( aka the shallow discussions we all can related to)  can be chatted about!

Tomorrow...a short day-cation to Grass Valley Ca, and the small republic of Rough and Ready!


  1. Well - aren't you a miss sassy pants! First of all, I LOVE LOVE L-O-V-E your short hair. You really are able to wear a cute cropped cut. You have the best cheek bones for that. (Very french ;-) )

    As for the breakouts.. yeah, whenever you change your skincare, it does that. What they used to tell me (when I worked at Clinique - back in the day) - that sometimes it is pulling "stuff" out.. but look for oil free products that are still anti-aging. Some items have mineral oil - they will clog the pores.

    Glad you are noticing the difference. Exfoiliation is the best best best thing for polishing the skin. You will GLOW! Followed by that excellent moisturizers.

    PS - I certainly hope the Ellen Show works out for you. I am sorry you are having to go through any of these issues. May God bless you, my bloggy friend!

  2. First off, you're looking amazing!!! I need to update like this with some photos myself! Although, I can't say my changes are quite as happy! ha

    Secondly, I love the pixie cut on you! It's perfect! The perfect touch of girl and attitude...totally Ruby! :)

    Third, just want to say how proud I am of you and your strength! Much love! :)

  3. I think I lost my comment so if this is doubled..sorry!

    I was agreeing with Nicole on a change of products bringing things to the skins surface. You look great and I'll bet the "new" nails are feeling gooood!

  4. You are looking Mahvelous! I can tell the difference in your skin so keep up the good work (oh and the weight too!)
    I like your short hair cut~ my favorite? The short and angled--really accentuates your face!

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