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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Counting Blessings & Saying Thanks

In trying to do a few more positive posts ( are you relieved? Ghads my life reads like a soap opera doesn't it?) and in keeping with the fact that Thanksgiving is next week, thought I would take a Que from other bloggers and count my blessings and say thanks. I know we all should do this more than once a year. Sad really that many of us do not ...(Hello, my name is Ruby and I am guilty of dwelling on the negative, and being a pessimist far too often)

I know it may not seem like I realize how many blessings I have in my life, or appreciate them. Maybe you are right, and I just need a kick in the booty for a reminder. I know it also seems at time I am just always dwelling on the negative( *see above), and yes from time to time that is true. I admit with all that is , has and seems will be going on in my life, that often seems so much easier than the more positive things in my life. They do get lost in the shuffle I am afraid.

So, I wish to take this time to remind myself and share with my readers what I feel are my blessings and what I am thankful for and perhaps spark in you to do the same. 

*I feel truly blessed to have my loving , devoted husband Robert. No matter how he frustrates me , no matter how angry I get at some of the things he does or does not do. I know he loves me with all his heart and what he does is often out of love.

*I feel blessed that I have three beautiful daughters that despite many times I am sure they are frustrated me and I with them still love me , and want to actually have something to do with me. Not just as a Mom, but now as a friend.

* I feel blessed by all the friends I have . I may not have one really close girl friend ( that is not related) that I can go window shop with, watch movies and all the rest of that good stuff you do with your BFF , but I have so many wonderful online friends who show me love, support and say a prayer for me when I need it. EVEN when am adding to my life drama and earning my Drama Queen crown. 

* I feel blessed that despite the year , make that two that we have had since moving back to California, we are still better off than many. We come so dangerously close on a regular basis to being homeless, not being able to pay bills, having to cut back on or give up all that seems to matter...but I know and say thanks to God each night that HE has allowed us to have a warm place to sleep, food on the table, TV and Internet and a job for my husband another day, despite often what is our best efforts to screw that up at times LOL

* I feel blessed that for now I still have my teeth. I may not be able to eat much with out pain, but they are there, for now, and with them I can still smile a toothy grin. There is a lady at Wal Mart that is a checker, and she is toothless. I know that will be me...and though it scares me. I also see that despite her having lost all her teeth and unable to get new ones, she too is still smiling. 

* I feel blessed by the fact that no matter how much I hurt, and yes, as mentioned there are bad days and worse days. I can get out of bed. I can still put one foot in front of the other. I can play with my cats, take my walks, do the chores ( most days) and yes, window shop(...oh how I miss actual shopping...but that is another blog on another day... ) even walking to go get the mail . I know there are others that can not do these things. I know one day there may be a day when I can not as well. So I am enjoying it now for sure and never take it for granted. 

* I feel very blessed as well for my cats. I know, odd thing to feel blessed about. But they offer me unconditional  love, companionship and comfort. 

I could go on and on , adding to the above, but those are the most important things.  I do have some specific things I am thankful for. Some are exactly the same things I feel I am blessed by, but a couple, like my Dad being home after his triple bypass surgery and recovering is very specific and again I wanted to say how thankful I am for all the wonderful friends that have stepped up , went over and beyond anything I could image ( you again know who you are) while my husband and I are going through this difficult time and brought us some peace of mind and comfort . I love you and THANK YOU AGAIN! You gave me renewed hope. 

I wanted to end this post with a link to another blog that today posted what the writer was thankful for and keep this going....

And a direct link to today's post.... A Thankful Heart After reading it again, looks like she and I have a few things in common. I urge you to keep this going and share what you are Thankful for and feel blessed by in your life.


  1. I am proud of you . . . and love hearing these blessings. And, Dear Ruby, may your blessings be returned . . . tenfold.

  2. What a beautiful post! I am thankful that you are my online friend and hope that we can "window shop" and maybe have a glass of wine together one day :)

  3. Ruby...I really didn't know all you had been through and continue to go through. I follow you on FB but haven't read your blog much {till now}. Now you are on my Blog roll because I want to keep up. I want to know how you are. May God bless you and I hope and pray you get those teeth you need. I am off to let Ellen know. I love her, too btw!!


  4. Thank you for grabbing and linking! You DID NOT have to do that! I think we're all thinking of things we're thankful for at this time of year. I can so relate to being frustrated about finances, but we do have it so much better than many many people. I wish I could have a thankful heart all year instead of just right now. :) Thanks for joining me! {{{HUGS}}}


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