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Friday, November 19, 2010

On a cold day....

On a cold gray day such as it is today in Northern California, waiting for a storm to move in , I personally just love to live in my PJ's . I buy a new pair each year. With Chronic pain issues, PJs are often my best friend. Right now with money as it is, I am rather stuck in my now well worn out ones for another season. But it does not mean I can not dream of a new pair. (What ? You do not dream of new PJ's? )

Last week, my daughter Rebecca and I walked over to our favorite shopping area, and there is a Soma Intimates store there. As I was passing the window, I stopped dead in my tracks! There in the window were the most wonderful PJ's ever! All covered in glam prints of diamonds and pearls!  Just my style!! Practical and Glam rolled into one .....could not get more perfect. My daughter and I oogled them , she being a PJ fan as well, but soon it was time to move on , not even daring to go inside.

When I got home I jumped on my computer, and pulled up the web site. SIGH! Too pricey, at 45.00 per piece for me , even if things were good. I am more the K-mart special for 10.00 off the clearance know the set, with socks and robe included LOL ..yeah one of those type clearances. But, as I said I can I thought I would share my favorite prints .....I can just see myself now in any one of them...complete with robe and slippers sitting in front of my crackling fire DVD , my cozy mystery novel and a warm cup of apple cider ......nothing more perfect on a cold day!

 Look at these slippers! Now normally I adore the kind with heels and feathers, but these are loverly!..Ok I dream of those kind, in reality I am in stretched out Dollar Store socks!
 Wish this velvet robe was a long one...but it is VELVET!
 The robe above reflects that wild side..but they do have a long black one that I really liked.
 The above print ( and it comes in PJ's with pants too) reminds me of Audrey ...who could not want to be reminded of her ???
 Maybe being reminded of Marilyn is more your speed...Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend after all!!
 Maybe a Winter wonderland of diamond snowflakes????
Very fond of the ones that remind me of Coco ! *SWOON*

Be sure to check out the site....this is just a small sample of the "personality styles" that Soma has . I truly is a wonderful store, even if it is above my current budget. *Thanks to the Soma website for all the photos


  1. Oh, do I feel you on this one! I was at a Jockey outlet last week, and I could have spent my entire paycheck on soft, comfy PJ's, robes, and lounge pants. I can't quite bring myself to spend on stuff that never leaves the house, so I will be dreaming right along with you!

  2. Neat jammies!! I'd have a hard time picking!

  3. They all look wonderful! I work at home, so spend a lot of my days in PJs. They are so comfy... Thanks for sharing the pix... Come visit when you can...


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