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Monday, November 15, 2010

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Christmas is just not really going to happen for us this year. It is just what life is at the moment. Of course we will find time to spend with our daughters, the two that live close. Call my folks ( thank God my Dad made it through his bypass surgery and will be home soon) and our oldest daughter who lives in Texas. I simply can not think of decorating.

Normally with Thanksgiving being next week, I would be planning my tree, shopping for a few new ornaments, picking up those wonderful cinnamon scented pine cones, and already be more than half way done with my gift shopping, having wrapped it all and cards written out and ready to send etc etc. I would be pulling out the cook books and planning what bake goods I was going to make and what to serve at a small get together over wine and munchies. But alas with no money, and just making it day by day, knowing that we may not be able to make our bills etc....none of that seems all that important ...and really it is not.

BUT WAIT! Before you think I am turning into a total Grinch or Scrooge ( two of my fav movies by the way) this post is not about how bad our Christmas is going to be. I swear! Because despite what is going on, I still love the holidays. Down deep once they begin I truly do not want them to end. I hate when the tree comes down and the house always seems so empty when it does. I miss the carols, I miss the rush of shopping for that last minute gift, the goodies, the scents of the season. I love the colored lights and tacky Christmas yard displays . Tree lightings and hot apple cider in front of my DVD of a crackling fire. I miss the sappy movies , always predictable and with teary feel good moment at the end. I am sappy that way. SHHHHH do not tell my family!

So regardless, I am still dreaming of a white Christmas . Have had one in my life, it was magical...snow on Christmas eve, and waking up to a white Christmas morning! How magical can you get?? But there is another white Christmas that I dream of as well. One where I have everything decorated in white , like a winter wonderland. So when I walked into Zgallerie this past week, I was in Heaven! I even had my daughter take a photo of me in the perfect living room setting....

So sit back and join me while I share some retail winter wonderland .....ENJOY


  1. Love this little "white christmas" trip, Ruby. While this Christmas may not be like your holidays of the past - remember that it is so much more than the pomp and circumstance of the retail stores. And it's not about $. Maybe try and do some things that have nothing to do with $ (or lack of $). Maybe take out some holiday books from the library and read how holidays are celebrated in other countries (like, FRANCE!). Or just putting the radio on your local Christmas station and dancing with your honey might bring about some holiday joy. Whatever you do, make it a special time for YOU, Ruby. You deserve to smile, even in the middle of what might seem like dark times.

    Thinking of you, dear Ruby.

  2. What a winter wonderland! Truly! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love silvers and whites for Christmas!!!

  4. How beautiful! Thanks for the nice visit and the "getting me really in the spirit!" I love the porcelain (?) elk, bears, and penguins..loved them!


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