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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Accepting Gifts & Paying it Forward

In the last couple of months my husband and I have been blessed by many angels on Earth. When in our darkest of hours, and at our greatest of need, God moved each of these people to help us. Some of it came in the form of money. Some came in the form of coupons, free food, the gift of the written word or the speaking of a kind one or just time spent.  Other help came in the form of unseen hands, in the form of bonuses and freebies just when we needed it.  At first, it was hard to accept these gifts, nearly shot ourselves in the foot, as it was hard for my husband and I NOT to be the givers, the angels on earth. We went through all the emotions attached with not feeling worthy, feeling as if it was charity; letting pride get in the way. Wondering instantly what strings were attached and fear and worry over how to pay it all back.

We had failed to realize that it was just all coming back around . The many times over that we had helped those in need, be it a donation or even taking people in to live under our roof, helping to feed them, cloth them or just give a safe haven until they could move on. All the times we had spoken a kind word, given what that person needed right at the moment, or even as simple as the times we thought nothing of tossing in our spare change to the red Salvation Army bucket or homeless mans hat. We had paid it out and now, when we needed it most God saw to it that we had it come back around and others were paying it forward to us.

It is not an easy pill to swallow even if you believe in it as I do; as my husband does. Because when you are doing it yourself, if your heart is in the right place, you do not think in terms of it coming back around to bless you . You simply just do it because you know it is the right thing to do.  The old adage it is better to give than receive has always been a life motto. My husband and I always knew it the right thing to do to pay it forward. We still do, but in all the stress, fear and worry we have been living through all we could think of was how to pay it back. How do we pay back friends and family and strangers that are helping us out. The real meaning of it all got kind of lost in that mental shuffle....the gift of acceptance to the person that is giving. Be it a prayer to God in thanks for the extra money in the pay check, the groceries going further than expected or that person that sends a check in the mail with a simple "Merry Christmas" and means it. There is no better way to thank them than to accept the gift and then pay it forward in one way or another. It does not have to be in the same way. Nor does it have to be right away. Just do it when your heart tells you it is the right time. You'll know.

One way this past week I have paid it forward is in kind words, support and understanding, even when still in need myself of these things, I was there for another. Another way was to take some of the food that was donated to us and donate what was not to our taste, because perhaps the bag of food would then help another person that was struggling to fill the cabinet in the kitchen. Still another has been through prayer for others. That was an easy one. My Mom said to be there for her in her old age. Charities said , just spread the word. All of these acts of paying it forward did not take a single cent , so it was easy to do them now. I know in my heart of hearts that when the time comes and the need is greater for someone that crosses my path, God will provide me the way to pay it forward to that person as well. And the circle will continue.


  1. The very best to you and your family, Steph! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! <3

  2. A beautiful message... Thanks for sharing... I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Bountiful New Year, as 2011 brings better days and growth... (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll hear from Ellen!)


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