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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


 * Just so you know I am still sharing the computer generated astrology and Tarot readings that pop into my in box, and in this post I share a Wisdom reading I received. I know many think these are messages from Satan, disguising himself. I know and have read the scripture in the bible that covers such things. I put no real power in these things, do not practice the dark arts. But as I have stated before they fascinate me and right or wrong, I have decided to continue to receive them and on occasion share.  I do hope you will not think less of me. We each have our own walk we must follow.  Also, in regards to Law of Attraction, here is a link to many books from Amazon, you will see many are bible based. LINK

As I have done in the past I have shared messages that have come to me from unexpected places, that are like answers from God. They always seem to be in response to prayers I have prayed at night before bed. Sometimes it seems to be a response to something I write in my gratitude journal or a discussion I have had with someone, or simply something that I did not even know I needed to hear or read , but there it is. I have as you know been ridiculed for where some of these messages come from and trusting them. But to me as I have also said in the past, a positive message that has a positive result is just that to me a positive thing. So wanted to share a few I have received just in the last few days. 

This came from an Oprah newsletter. Going into about I guess it would be week three of using the Law of Attraction , and wondering if I am doing good at it, rushing things, expecting too much too soon, this popped into my in box....

Thought for Today
"Don't rush forward. When I'm mired in confusion about what the next step should be, when I'm asked to do something for which I feel little enthusiasm, that's my sign to just stop—to get still until my instincts give me the go-ahead."
—  Oprah

Now given the enthusiasm is there for LOA, but it does waver, even though I have seen proofs, some of the bigger things I know will take time. Being new at trying to be positive 100% of the time despite all that is going on in our finances and with my health, is not always easy, easier at times to slide into old bad habits. So when I feel that happening of course I ask myself what am I doing? Am I doing the right thing? Will it matter. Soon my instincts kick in and tell me what path to go on. LOA and all that goes with putting it into action, even when at times it seems silly IS worth it. Just so happens that this quote came in through when I was having a wavering moment. 

Yesterday when life was very hard on me physically, in many ways mentally as grocery shopping day and being on the tightest budget ever , often gets me a bit down, I received this:

Here is your Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, December 21
Focus on inner-life today. You need to make sure that your great energy doesn't go to waste -- and investing it in yourself is the best possible plan of action right now. Others benefit, too! 

I have been told that I have an amazing energy radiating from me. But often I feel unplugged, blacked out. Especially when I try to put everyone and thing ahead of my needs. So reading this really hit the nail on the head and so today I took a me day and am getting the rest that I need to rebuild my energy. 

This one came in today.....

"The Knave of Chalices card suggests that my power today lies in trust. I am enthusiastic, open, and trusting about my new found feelings, capacity, passion, or hearts desire. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I am happy when sharing or expressing pleases and connects me to the support, beauty, and love in others. I am empowered by attention and my gift is desire or epiphany."

I just loved this one, it is so right on the mark with who I am , what I have been feeling as of late , well other than brief periods of doubt that seem to happen when pain, exhaustion or hormones are raging LOL 

Here is another Oprah one that seemed to be very fitting to the last few days...

“The challenge is not to get better at managing your time, which is finite, but rather about managing your energy, which you can systematically increase and regularly renew.”
—  Tony Schwartz

This one from The Happiness Project is so very true and also speaks to what has been going on in my head and being written down in my daily journal...where I remind myself daily in the top ten gratitude list I write out, that I need to see the every day blessings and acknowledge them, embrace them.
"Human Felicity is produced not so much by great Pieces of good Fortune that seldom happen, as by little Advantages that occur every Day."
Benjamin Franklin 

This one was from a FB page I follow....

My Wisdom Quest wrote: "[for Stephanie] The Soul Retriever: This card would suggest that you are feeling as if something is missing and you can’t take too much more from the trials and tribulations. Don’t give up. That one burst of energy or support is coming and you don't want to miss it."

Are you seeing the trend? The theme? How they all apply to what I am going through?? I know often we read into things what we want to see/hear , but really there is no denying some of these being right on. 

 Another way God got his message through to me was through a wonderful friend of mine. One who I greatly admire. She is such a Godly woman, full of powerful faith and witnessing...and proof of how GREAT God can be. She wrote me such a wonderful letter, and she did not chide me for getting the messages I need from sources other than the Bible, agreeing that often God sends messages, puts them where we will for sure see them when we need them , in ways we will connect to and understand. Of course she is not thrilled , like many of my Christian friends with the astrology, tarot cards and wisdom readings...siting scripture that says it is basically a no-no and well against God and a lure from Satan in disguise....but as I stated above, we must each follow our own paths and make our own discoveries.  She gave me wonderful scriptures to read that relate to what I have been dealing with in my life, amazing incites, and such strong uplifting support.  It came at the right time. Though I am the very first to say, that even though I am a believer in God, his power and HE has a place in my life, I am not a conventional worshiper, (can not quote from the bible at will and well no longer attend formal worship), I do very much appreciate the word, and do not mind getting it from others that are a bit more conventional in their worship than myself. 

 Sometimes messages that come to us can be missed, they can be confusing, or misleading, but just like those three wise men so many years in the past that followed a message to follow a star , often it is very clear and precise what God is trying to get across.  Hey God, message(s) received. Thanks! Keep them coming! 


  1. You must be very grateful for that woman. She is able to encourage you to mix your faith in with the other messages -she's very wise! And yes, I know that we sometimes think we are seeing what we want to see in these messages but isn't that good if it's for good?
    Louise Edington
    Facing Fears and Frontiers Over Fifty

  2. I agree with Louise. But, we do tend to see what we want/need to see in so much that happens in our lives. I'm a firm believer in people entering our lives at the times we most need what they have to give... whether through personal interaction or visual messages, there is a larger force uniting us... as always, {{{HUGS}}} Come visit when you can and don't forget to read my other blog, too! Happy Holidays!

  3. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I'll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

  4. @y8 Thank you so much and I hope you will join me on the Facebook page and or Twitter. I look forward to your thoughts.


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