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Thursday, December 9, 2010

What Do I want???

I have been trying to keep a positive spirit up, ask myself " what do I want?" That is what the worksheets in book for Law of Attraction ask you to do. The list is a very long one, and quite serious. But some of what I want is very serious. VERY serious indeed !!!!!! ****** Disclaimer ...You do KNOW I am only kidding and this is to be fun, girly post right....I mean I did it in pink!
  I want to shop!!!! I want to buy clothing! Get my hair done like Sharon Osbourn, had it that way once then got scissor happy.......But, I already dyed it the same color....  I want to get my nails done and have them add glitter just for fun! I want to scrap all the deep rich colors in my apartment and go all pink and black , ignoring all the beige and browns I am stuck with...I want a white Christmas tree and sparkly pink disco ball ornaments.....and I want to wear beautiful things to parties and to see the snow......  

I just want life to be magical again , to be full of joy, happiness and laughter , all worries and woes cast aside and a lightness of heart to return like when I was a child , this time of year.....***ok this last part is serious.

But for now I shall just be content to dream about it and put what I want out to the Universe for God's ears to hear and one day.........*GRIN*


  1. From your lips to God's ears... I want all of that, too -- but, not the pink; I just can't do pink... I know. That's makes me lower than pond scum... but I do want all the rest! Come visit when you can...

  2. Pink trees have been very appealing to me this year. Wonder why that is?


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