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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yummy Holiday Read

When I can not sleep or if there is just not a single thing on TV, I adore a good book. My favorite books are what are known as " Cozy Mysteries". They are clean, no foul language, only a hint of sex...a tiny hint..always fades to the next scene LOL , and always interesting, small town people who are easy to relate to. They are not perfect and come from all walks of life and become, when you follow the series, like old friends each time a new book comes out.  I follow several authors. M.C. Beaton as I adore her Agatha Raisin mysteries that take place in the Cotswold area of England. There is the Aunt Dimity series by Nancy Atherton, they too take place in small villages in England. They are unique as it is about a spirit that communicates with the main character through a journal and they solve mysteries together. Last night I just finished a book by an author who I follow two of her series,Carolyn Hart, she writes one series called Death on Demand, and I have read each one....was not always my fav author, but she grew on me. Her other series, Bailey Ruth, is about a spirit that comes down from Heaven to help certain people in trouble; she in turn breaks many rules and often gets in trouble herself , but always gets the bad guy/woman in the end.

Still other series I follow seem to involve yummy treats( complete with recipes) . One such author writes the Tea Shop Mysteries, Laura Childs. Her books center around a Charleston, South Carolina tea shop and well the main character who owns it is another amateur detective, as most Cozy Mystery characters are, and she always gets into major trouble, often life threatening when sticking her nose where it does not really belong. And the list goes on and on, will list a few more at bottom of blog!

Tonight I shall start on a holiday themed book, also food based, what makes this one nice is it includes three wonderful writers who in the beginning were not my favorite, but again gave them the chance and they grew on me and now I can not wait until each new book comes out. The three authors included in the book of holiday mini mysteries are Joanne Fluke, Laura Levine and Leslie Meier. The book is called Gingerbread Cookie Murder. I can hardly wait to brew a cup of tea and crack open the cover and escape amongst the pages. When I am there, life , no matter what is going on seems to fade away and for that time all is good in my world. I shall let you know how it is.

I would love to hear what you have read lately. When I finish this I am all out of books and as right now money is a bit too tight for purchasing, I shall be venturing to the Library...been a would love to hear of books I should look for when I do.

A couple other recommendations:
Cat Who Mysteries :Lilian Jackson Braun
The Scumble River Mysteries:Denise Swanson 
Not just for young adults....all books by L.M. Montgomery....classics!! 

***I do read other styles, from self improvement to true ghost stories and quite a bit in between, but "Cozies" are my favorite.


  1. Okay, I'm totally gonna check those out! I hate the full on sex scenes. Well, okay, I don't HATE them, but I like books w/out that in it. Although, my fave series right now has a lot of that in it, it's not all about that.
    Does that make any sense at all???


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