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Friday, January 21, 2011

Go ahead and DREAM!

I have a dream. No, I am not going to quote MLK. I could, but been there done that. I dream a lot. I have day dreams, of course I dream at night. I write down  my dreams of things I want and things I would like to achieve. I think it is important to dream. If I have learned one thing, after loosing nearly everything that was seemingly important in our lives, living pay check to pay check, it is that dreams are free and they can not be taken away from you. Oh sure people will try. Trust me. For some reason people like to pop others bubbles. I have even been guilty of it in the past myself. I think I did it to make myself feel better cause I felt dreams could not come true for me. This past couple of years there was many a day when that seemed so very true and so I was not interested in dreaming or believing in them.

 Once I started implementing Law of Attraction where one is taught to dream, and ask for these dreams to come true, well, I began dreaming and asking. A major one of course is a beautiful, healthy, pain free smile. It has been a dream I have been really working on manifesting for myself. I waver, of course, I am human and it is such a big dream. A health changing even a life changing dream! But it is at the very top of my list. I want to have that happen for me. I have even created an image board!  Even shared it with Ellen!

Something else I am always dreaming of, is owning a home all our own again. No one below, or around us, making noise, slamming doors etc. I dream of having it decorated how I want, which does not include the shades of beige, gold or too much brown! I already know where as well. There is a town home complex only a mile and a half away! I have been to all the models. I have the drawing of the actual model I want...actually my second choice, only because all the first phase is sold out and well re-doing one someone has lived in is a lot of work, so now moved on to the current phase being in my sites. I can see it clear as day! It would be just the right place for us, just enough room for us and to host family dinners. A yard just big enough for a few roses and a place to sit. The location is wonderful, close to all the places I love to shop and eat at. Close to grocery shopping, walking trails very close and yet in the complex it seems like it's own little burg. Here is a given the large expanse of lawn is not actually there. Only in the artists rendering, but it does look like this.   

And then here is the floor plan....

I already know that the formal LR would actually be a formal DR...we love to entertain and host Thanksgiving. The family room space would actually be a comfy place to watch TV in the morning or while I am waiting on supper to cook ...but then again I could change my mind and have a formal LR and a make the FR a formal dining space. One thing is for sure , the nook would have two comfy wing backs with a small table for coffee and would be my fav place to start my morning! Overlooking my mini rose garden and bird feeders!!! The bottom room would be a Den...the man room of sorts...all deep and dark and cozy filled to the brim with books and an electric fireplace and more squishy chairs! Not to mention our wine collection and the wine art our daughter has done for us. Upstairs the loft would be our TV space , were at night we relax and it can be a bit messy if need be LOL There is enough bedrooms for a guest bedroom and office as well.

I so very often walk through the space in my head, imagining what it would be like to live there. What the days would be like, how I would spend my hours. Imagining the meals I would make and then serve. How life would be lived in each space of the home. I even know the colors of the flowers in my garden! I can see myself soaking in the tub and sitting at my dressing table or in my office working on the blog. I write it all down, as if it is happening as if it already has happened. Hoping that by doing so , I can make it manifest and make my dreams into reality.

Some might say that would that dreaming like this about such things could lead to disappointment or less joy in day to day life, but for me it really adds to it. An escape. A dream built on a one day possibility that could actually happen. I believe it will, and well if it is meant to be, it will indeed happen. I no longer let things depress me, it might make me a bit blue on days when that belief wavers or someone negative says it will not come to be, but I bounce back quite rapidly. I have to, my dreams keep me going, because if you have nothing to dream about, reach for, strive to make happen, then life can be very empty!
Other times I dream  about Publishers Clearing House, winning big. How would I react? How would I spend the money, what would be the first thing I would do. How could I help my family and the charities I care about. It is fun for me to let my mind wonder and ponder on this dream. This one I concentrate on each night before I go to bed. Right down to what I am wearing when the PCH team arrives with roses and balloons!! I read this week that a woman did this concerning the lotto, same thing, what she was wearing, what amount she won ...well guess what ? IT HAPPENED! I am sure people told her she was only dreaming....but she held tight to it. envisioning it , recording it , and acting on what it would take to make it happen. This is what I am in the process of doing. It is fun, really!

Still others is like yesterday when I went window shopping. When things got so very rough for us, and shopping just was not going to happen, well , it was depressing for me to go window shopping. But by hitting the re-set button, it actually is quite fun. I walk through, try things on, my daughter takes pics and I dream what I would buy in any given store as if it was going to happen in the near future. It is like when I was a child and would play dress up or play store with my friends.  Sure it is still tough to walk away but I just know one day I will not have to! I believe that. I dream about that day happening and a smile comes to my face!

Dreams can be wonderful. Dreams from the smallest of them to the largest CAN happen if you strive to make it so. There is proof all over that it can happen. As a child you imagined big things, you dreamed big about who you would be , where you might live, what job you might have, even who you would marry. You let your dreams take can be the same as an adult. You just have to allow yourself! And keep believing it will come true! And on that note... a song that says it all.....

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  1. You go, girl! It's funny you should mention trying on the clothes. My daughter did that. Went to the Mall with a friend (and a camera) and visited all the shops that carried her favorite clothes. She'd try on an outfit, go into the better lighting just outside the door, and her friend would take her picture! So, if you ever see the scrapbook, you'll think she had quite a wardrobe. Hope you had fun.


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