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Sunday, January 23, 2011

My own Happiness Project

 So I mentioned at the beginning of this month that I was working once again on my own happiness project based on the book by Gretchen Rubin . I had last year to do it, and well it was not a good time for me, and there was a few things I could not relate to at all. I no longer had children at home, my marriage was on a different page, I did not work out side of the home and the list went on and on. So by suggestion of Gretchen, I simply used her book as a leaping off point.

So on January second, I read both the intro and the chapter titled January-Boost Energy-Vitality. I made some notes and underlined passages and then well closed the book and moved on to a few other books that I had planned to share with was far more depressing than thought the first time I made it half way through, perhaps that is why I never made it through...this time stuck it out , that was part of my own happiness project as laid out in the January chapter under the heading "Tackle A Nagging Task" . Not that reading should be that, but there are times when I am really into self help books and well other times when I would rather ready my cozy style murder mysteries. So as part of the project decided to finish all the half read books I had paid money for and had set aside. So success!!! On to scrap booking once hubby brings up the photo bins.

Not so on "Go To Sleep Early" . I simply can not do it. Partially as I only get limited time with my husband when he comes in late anyway, the other is that is when I choose to read, write in my journal, that takes time and well the fibro makes it hard to sleep. So I have countered this with allowing myself to sleep in a bit here and there.  Figured it was a compromise .

The next goal is "Exercise Better" . Um , again not so good at perfecting this. I still walk, but then when I sleep in, I often get lazy and stay home and skip it. I wanted to get up to 6 days , both as part of my happiness project, and my 2011 challenge to myself, so far stuck at 4. I have added a couple days here and there where I walk a further distance, add a few hills or walk twice, but have not picked up a weight or popped in a DVD. Guess this one will have to be more long term. 

"Toss , restore, organize"  This one I am very good with doing. I already have a huge pile to donate. I have tossed out a lot of things, organized my desk area as much as I can, and not sure what she meant by restore, but two out of three things is not bad. I still have a ways to go, I get lazy and forget to put laundry away, I shove pans in where ever they will fit in the kitchen pantry, and my baking shelf is a nightmare, and I know the media dresser has a few drawers that I need to tackle. I am also slowly implementing this on my blog. It is a bit busy...just so hard to clear things off, but that indeed I will be doing. Even edited the plea for help to your right for help with writing into Ellen! I was going to add in a link to Oprah too, but thought better of it. Though I am writing into her as well!

"Act More Energetic" Ok so remember above I said some days I sleep in, and as far as exercise I have added some distance and some hills? Well for this goal, I seem to be only able to do it every other day. the fibro gets in my way or how badly my teeth ache, or if I am fighting the latest cold my husband has exposed me to. So some days I am golden in this area, even cooking gourmet meals and getting all the chores done on top of my walks and then others.....But I am doing ever so much better at acting more happy! 

I was going to share a bunch of passages, instead I highly suggest you buy the book , and see what is meaningful enough in your mind to underline. I underline things so it really sinks in, it is a way for me to focus my busy brain! I am sure you can find a copy on Amazon at an affordable price. I just adore the used section where you can get like new for a quarter of the price plus shipping. I just ordered Queen of Your Own Life...been wanting that book for sometime, along with a slew of Law of Attraction books. Anyway, rabbit trails! 

So February! A look ahead. It is titled February-Remember Love-Marriage.  Now again I shall admit I do not have the most perfect marriage, but most of the things she has listed to work on just do not apply too much to mine. But somehow I shall find a way. I shall work on my marriage. I mean it is worth it. Hubby and I have been together a long time, dating for 27 years at the end of this week and married 25 in August. We are very comfy, we are best friends and well not to get graphic, cause of snoring issues, my fibro and restless leg, well we have a hard time connecting on other levels , the last two years has not helped , what with all the stress and depression on both sides. So there are things to work on. BUT here are the goals as listed in the book....

~ Quit Nagging
~ Don't Expect Praise or Appreciation 
~ Fight Right
~ No Dumping 
~ Give Proofs of love  

 Ok, well looks like a good line up and I could add a few more and take away a couple...after all this is MY OWN HAPPINESS PROJECT! 

So until next time. I hope you are finding happiness in your daily life, and even if you are, I hope you are working on finding even more. Remember not everything has to be perfect for you to be happy...just read the quote at the top of the page! But you do have to want it!! You have to often work at it as well, and it can be hard, but it is so worth it, and my motto right now, "Fake it till you make it!!" 


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  1. I don't know about energetic, but I got pooped just reading your list! Let's have a great February!


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