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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Moving on ....and an award!

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Time to move on. After much thought I shall be moving on from the book Seeking Peace by Mary Pipher. Oh now do not get me wrong, the second half of the book held as much of a connection for me as the first half. More so. I underlined so much, I fear it would take a couple of months to share everything and then I might actually have to get permission to quote from the book....was walking a tight rope not doing so. I truly urge you to seek this book out if you had any connection just to the passages I did use. 

There was things I did not share about my childhood, and young adulthood that got me to where I currently am. Things that make up the very fibers of my being. But I think that you get the general idea and we can now move on to the important part of my current journey, one to be happy with not only the world that surrounds me and what is inside of me and well ME! I want to be be positive, I want to be optimistic and as mentioned as my word for the year I want to    
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  I did want to share one more passage from the book before doing so, one that sums up her wonderful journey and sums up what I have shared and why I shared it..........
"I believe that if readers see something of themselves in me, I may be useful. I may help readers feel less alone and damaged, just as I helped myself with these goals. We all share similar journeys. We live through childhoods filled with ups and downs. We share houses with people who both love us and make us miserable. We pass developmental milestones, build identities and see them change. We fail miserably and we accomplish important goals. We make the best of it. We take turns being the afflicted and the comforter. We experience a crisis and realize our old ways are not working. We stumble around lost and unhappy, only to see the light, find our new path and move forward. This is our universal human story." Mary Pipher, Seeking Peace 2009 Riverhead Books

 So now the journey will continue. A journey of bouncing back, learning to dance, becoming comfy in my own being, and my following the Project Happiness book to well, find happiness. LOL But all that on another day.  

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It appears I have won an award! A lovely friend of mine that writes about a journey all her own, though quite a different one ( making it through design school) , Deb ( LINK TO HER BLOG A Mind on Design) , has give me the Stylish Award. 

Now considering that most of the other bloggers she gave it to have blogs on either fashion of the home or self, I was a bit confused. BUT it is ever so kind of her to give it to me. I can not think of blogs that I follow that have not received it already or who do like to participate in awards and all that goes with them, so I shall simply say THANKS and tell you to check out her blog and the others she listed. 

The other thing that goes with receiving this, like with all blog awards, you are to tell seven things that people do not know about you. Rather tough as I share nearly EVERYTHING with you my readers. So I thought instead I would list seven things I dream of. So in a perfect world.....

 Seven Dreams.....

1. Clear Choice Dental Implants ( ok, had to) paid in full before the end of 2011!
2. A private chef to shop and cook for me and hubby ( these are dreams soo....)
3. Travel to Disney World /Epcot/ Animal Kingdom
4. Get a weave to make it easier to wait out hair growth (again cause I got snip happy and really regret it ) 
5. A personal trainer that knows how to work with fibro patients.
6.  Our dream home paid in full and decorated just right!!!Complete with a lovely English Garden, Koi Pond, outdoor fire place, swing and hot tub.
7. Winning Publishers Clearing House Feb. 28 2011 So that I can make our life better and that of my family, friends, and donate to charity as well. ( ok Yeah so when we win I can make the other dreams come true !!!) 

Till next time...keep dreaming !!!


  1. Great dreams -- and, all attainable, except, of course, Publisher's Clearing House because I've already won that and they're just waiting to tell the world in February. (Sorry. I feel bad about that. 8-( But, there it is.) But, like I said,the others are all attainable... 8-)

    Don't forget to change your link to my new domain:

  2. Stephanie you should not be confused why I gave you the award. Your blog is one of great honesty and one which touches me deeply. You have always been very supportive of me since I began blogging away. I love your spin on the 7 things!! My husband and I always always play the "WHAT IF" game. I love your list and I BELIEVE!!!! I know you read THE SECRET so just keep the power of positive thinking. I BELIEVE all things are possible. xoxoxo

  3. You are inspiring to everyone and courageous with your journey. Thank you with sharing to the world.


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