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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Published in "O" Magazine!!

Great cover as always!!

 That's right, you read that correctly. PUBLISHED. I am actually published in the April issue of "O" Magazine. In black and white, top of page 32. But before you get too impressed, it is in the letters to the editor, the "We Hear You" section.
My letter right there at the top, the first one!!

 The point remains I am published, for all the world to see. My words ( edited of course for space) and my name. I do not know how many people write in, but it must be a lot, as there is a lot of people who follow the "O" fan page on facebook, and there is a lot of people that follow it on Twitter. So there must be a lot of people that write in each month as well. What makes it such a big deal is that they read my letter. They read the whole, unedited version, where I share my blog addy, my plight with the dental issue, and the fact of how I have written in to Oprah herself, her producers and am not going to give up, just like she says to not do...she always tells people to reach for their dreams and never give up.

Bit blurry, but will type out below

Of course my family thinks it is a sign and they were even more excited than I was...I always have wiggling, nagging self doubts. Voices in my head so to say, that tell me it is only a letter to the editor and will not amount to anything, then another voice fights back and says it could. I like that second voice best and it is getting louder. So in keeping with my word this year BELIEVE, I am going to put my belief into the fact that my letter getting read, then published is laying the ground work for something bigger.

So here it is, typed out so you can easily read it. Hope it inspires you to keep trying to reach your goals, whatever they may be and to never, ever give up on your dreams!!

Dare to Dream
I couldn't resist buying February's "Let's Get 
Creative" issue. In the past two years, my hus-
band has lost his job and gone through sev-
eral more so that we could make ends meet,
and we have moved from our dream home into
an apartment. But discovering my creativity 
and starting a blog has helped me get through 
it all. Writing about my journey has been 
an unexpected blessing. As Oprah wrote in 
"What I Know for Sure," "The thrill is to keep
envisioning what can be." I'm not going to
give up on my dreams or my creative voice. 
Stephanie Feldman
Roseville, California  

So there you have it, my newest feather in my cap, my letter to the editor read, printed and there for all to see!


  1. Congrats on be published in the magazine! You are now an instant celebrity!

  2. Congratulations on having your comments being published in "O Magazine". I read your letter and it reminded me of myself. I had to move from my home into an apartment. A little over a year ago I started a blog as well and it has been very helpful to me as I go on my journey.

    Kelli Thomas

  3. I am so happy of you and proud! I'm going to buy the magazine right away!!! Fantastic...she/they listened and heard! <3


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