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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh

Laugh. Sometimes it is all you can do. When one thing after another piles up, you can choose to sit and cry, and that is ok, it helps, but even better is to laugh. Laughter will tighten the stomach muscles. Laughter will make you live longer, and it will most certainly lift the blues and it is the one that that is contagious that we should not mind catching. It is universal. There is no age, sex, race, religious, or language barriers. It is the same all over the world. And let's face it, it is well worth the lines it will create on our faces.

I have been bogged down by day to day life. My own Ground Hog Day as I have been mentioning. Because nothing much has been changing day in and day out, my brain fog has gotten so very thick. I have a boundless amount of subjects I want to write on, explore, and share with you, then I wake up in the morning and they are lost in the brain fog. It makes me angry and frustrated that I am dealing with this. I always have some, but never quiet as bad as it has been. Having it has affected my mood on every level. So when it happened again this morning I was just plain grumpy...of course the headache I have had for three days has not helped.

 I was mindlessly sitting at the computer scrolling through posts on Facebook, and saw a clip from The Ellen Show. The caption was "With everything that is going on in the world, Ellen decided it was time to focus on the little things that make us happy." WOW! So simple. So precise, and so very true. Sometimes, when the weight of the world, or even the weight that we put on ourselves from what is going on in our corner of it weighs us down, when it just becomes a bit too much to deal with it, we need to stop, re-evaluate, and grasp on with a death grip to the little things that make us happy. What could make a person more happy than laughter??

With that said....I want to share with you the video that Ellen posted, I am pretty sure it will make you laugh! And I sure hope that you pass it on to other and let the laughter spread! *Thanks Ellen!

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  1. Ha - I tweeted that youtube video just a couple hours ago! I found it so joyful! How can you watch it and NOT laugh? I can't wait until my neighbor's baby is a little older so I can try this on him! I think this video is a good one to keep on hand for any "blah" days, as it is sure to lift my spirits!


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