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Friday, March 18, 2011

Whimisical Escapes

It is another rainy day here in Northern California. Dark, gloomy skies loom over our valley, and winds are whipping off all the Spring blossoms that had once made all the local trees look like puffs of cotton candy lining the streets; now drifting to the ground like the snowflakes that are falling in the surrounding foothills. The apartment seems dark and lonely, no matter how many lights I turn on and I sit here shivering a bit, missing the sunshine we had only a day earlier. The cats are snuggled in my bed, being smarter than me I suppose, as they are nice and warm and comfy.

I managed to get my walk in this morning, having decided to brave the winds and the threat of rain drops and I even managed to get to my destination for a cup of coffee and to get my nails painted a lovely shade or pale opalescent pink. My nail tech Jen must have felt for me, being blown into the nail parlor all bundled up and red nosed, for she gave me a pillow for my back and even added white daisies with yellow and silver glitter accents to my freshly painted manicure to add a bit of Spring's warmth and bloom to have at my very fingertips whenever I would like. It warmed my heart that she did so for no extra cost and that warmth stayed with me all the way home as I battled my umbrella in the now heavier winds and rain that was blowing sideways. Good thing as I could not wear my gloves to keep my hands warm so as to not muss up my fingertips.

Of course once I came home and stripped off my gear, the cold of our apartment and the day sank into my bones and it was time to fix a cup of hot coco to warm me from the inside out.....
....and as I sipped my wonderful cup of rich, chocolaty coco, I used the time to connect with my friends on Twitter. I have many wonderful people that are on and off the site throughout the day and they are always there to lift my spirits, share girl chat with and offer a divine escape through 140 characters or less, as well as through photos, their wonderful blogs if they have them, and even small businesses that offer a bit of whimsy to life.

One such wonderful lady is known as @oohlafroufrou , you can see her link to the left side of my blog as one I promote. She is one of the most kind hearted, loving and supportive friends that I have on Twitter, and she is quite the talented blogger and artist as well! I just adore her Monday posts, actually look forward to them all week. They are always full of beautiful photos, great links, and finished off with the most fabulous of drawings from her collection! She always offers me up a whimsical escape from the doldrums of life.
One of her Easter Cards!
Another lovely soul that has befriended me can also be seen to the left in my blogs that I support. She has a wonderful bath and body business, that though I have yet to be able to afford on my meek allowance as of yet, it bothers her not and she is still there to support and show much love my way. Margarita Bloom  ( @MargaritaBloom ) has the most wonderful blog, and often spends her day posting to Twitter wonderful bits and pieces of history, prose and stories to delight as well as links to check out her amazing hand crafted products. I could get lost for quite sometime "shopping" , reading the descriptions and getting lost in all the beautiful images. Pop on over to her site anytime, it was recently updated for Spring and the images, prose and product will not disappoint!

There is another wonderfully divine, whimsical and refined lady that is all diamonds and champagne on Twitter, Lily Of Opulence ( @LilyOfOpulence )  She does not post a blog, or have a business, but instead posts images to her Twitgoo account and each one is an over the top, luxurious visual treat that one can not help to escape into it, even if for a brief instance....this is her avatar, it proves my point!
Ashley ( @TheShineProject )  who has created The Shine Project ( see link to the right side!!) using the sale from the wonderful necklaces( which I was lucky enough to win the one above) that she crafts to raise funds for a worthy cause ! She also writes a wonderful blog, posts beautiful photos which always help me escape the four walls through my computer screen and is just one of the most genuine people you would ever hope to get to know.
 "Shine Necklaces
I've been a busy little bee putting these new necklace options together
for YOU!
I can't even contain my excitement anymore....
Here's what's new with the SHINE necklaces.
My goal has always been to make AFFORDABLE necklaces.
That will NEVER change.
I have raised the price $1, but that money is not going to me.
I wanted to do something that would involve EVERYONE'S
contribution at the end of the year.
The extra dollar is going into The Shine Project fund.
In January 2012, the money will be going to
the first ever Shine Project Scholarship award
for an inner city school students college education."

I could go on and on about all the wonderful friends I have made on Twitter who offer me friendship, and that much needed escape from day to day life , if only for a brief moment! I do hope you will take a moment and check them out, and if you do not have twitter, perhaps it will change your mind. If you do, be sure to follow these lovely ladies and myself as well and say "Hello!"

"A cheerful friend is like a sunny day spreading brightness all around." - John Lubcock ( English Astronomer )


  1. What a sweetheart you are!! You're just FABULOUS and what wonderful company you keep with all these other Glamorous ladies as well!! Big kisses to you. xoxo

  2. Ruby ~

    Thanks so much, darling, for such lovely words! We feel the same about you, sweetie-pie. I love that you listed Margarita Bloom, Lily of Opulence and The Shine Project too ... all lovely Twitter followers of mine as well. Amazing the wonderful people you meet in the world of social media! Kisses and hugs!

    Ooh La Frou Frou

  3. What a lovely day Ruby! I love that your nail lady painted the daisies on your nails. Those little things help so much. I used to go into the nail salon and have them paint smiley faces on my toes. Every time I was feeling down, I couldn't help but smile when I saw my toes. Hang in there Ms. Ruby...I know things are tough and seem like the sky will never turn blue for you, but I know it will. I can't wait for us to meet someday, my superwoman soul sister!

  4. What a nice post. Nail Polish - Hot Cocoa - A Brisk Walk - and lots of friends.

  5. Sounds like you had a simply perfect afternoon!! I love those necklaces...thanks for sharing!!!:)


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