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Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday's A Day To SHINE!

You Can Shine too!

"This week's Shine Challenge is to donate clothes to a charity or a
person/family that could use them a lot more than we could!"

This was the challenge set to followers over at The Shine Project. I did not have much to work with as far as clothing to give away. Some of my clothing needed to be thrown away...have not really bought many new things in nearly two years. I had a few things though that simply did not fit me and so in the box they went. I also gave away to charity a few books,decorative items even a few pairs of shoes. Our local Goodwill employs adult handicapped people and so I always donate to them and feel very good about my it is right down the street.

I also just donated a few decor items to my middle daughter ( not the first time) to spruce up her home. We have a barter system, I give her things I am tired of and she makes art work for our apartment, takes me out to lunch and sometimes buys me a few gifties to replace what I have given has worked out quite well for us. 

I always feel great sharing what I no longer have use for, grown tired of , or simply just do not have the space for. When we were moving from Texas back to California I gave my antique dining set and my living room set to a woman who was living on boxes with her two kids , and donated our other art and couch to an older couple who could not afford to get new items for their home due to job loss.  When we moved to our apartment after loosing our home, we donated out dining furniture, appliances and grill to our middle daughter as well , giving her and her boyfriend a nice start on their life together.  Once I had decorated all in a Middle Eastern theme, when I decided it just did not fit our space, I donated all the items I had, and some were very pricey, to our youngest daughters best friend at the time and she was able to feather her nest for free.  This past year, though it would mean my apartment being blank walled for awhile, once again donated to the same daughters roomies all the beautiful Asian Cherry Blossom artwork that I had along a with a few things for our daughter to feather the new apartment. It just does my heart well to pass on these things, to help out our children, friends and those in need. The smile on their faces shine bright, and I certainly feel as if I am shining in my life helping them. 

I encourage all my readers to do some Spring cleaning of their own and give to those in need and see if you do not notice yourself shine just a bit more. 

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