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Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday, Monday...

Today has been like any other day, I awoke early to the bright rays of sunshine coming through my window, Queen Bitty on her blanket purring with the knowledge that I was soon to give her a morning treat. I stretched and got dressed. I kissed the hubby good bye and walked out the door to begin my walk. Same route as every day. I made sure to take the time to stop and smell the roses, no really, I did ! They are all starting to bloom now. I stopped to pet passing dogs and say hello to the owners, and at the end of my walk stopped for my cup of coffee and lucky me a chocolate frosted doughnut with multi colored sprinkles awaited me. I munched and sipped as I continued towards home.

When I entered the door there was Bitty and her bubba Koko ( her brother) and belly rubs ensued, blinds drawn to let the sunny spots appear so that they could have a good roll , and I tuned into my favorite tv radio station, the Swing Kings and headed to the hallway where my mini office was. I logged into my email, clearing them out one by one. First was one from Excedren...yes the pain medication company. They were having a contest for 250k to end your headache. I had entered, praying, hoping and never passing up an chance to replace my teeth. Apparently my entry did not comply with the contest. The letter was a form letter, but it was actually rather a snarky one. I mean why not, when you are narrowing the entries just not contact the losers? Why send a snarky letter. I sighed with the thought of another door closed and clicked "delete"...and headed onto my blog, another comment from a new reader, that replaced the smile on my face and I replied, then while there created a new page that will list all the authors I read called Ruby's Book Shelf before moving on to happy play ground of 140 characters or less.

Once I was on Twitter, I checked mentions containing my handle there. There was one from my dear friend Ooh La Frou Frou (see her button to your left) , she was directing me to her blog...I always read it each and every Monday, it truly starts my week out in such a dreamy, and lovely way! Well it would seem this week was more so going to do that. I had won a gifty from her that would be coming from our other dear friend on Twitter, Margarita Bloom ( see her button as well to the left for the business link) and soon I would be receiving some lovely bath item sure to make it so I could spoil myself without ever leaving home. I was over the moon and doing the twirly dance!!! After saying so, and thanking them both, I headed over to my next Monday stop, The Shine Project ( see her button to the right for her charity/business/blog ) , Ashley always posts a challenge each week on Monday that we will then write about how we did on was all about Spring Cleaning; you will have to wait till Friday to hear all about that, but I suggest you head over there and read up on it, join in even. Let's just say I may not own much, but my wheels turning I got to work!!

After visiting my normal online haunts, it was back to Twitter for a bit of chatter, and soon after a bite to eat for lunch before my middle daughter stopped over. I am always so happy to see her and we enjoyed a nice cup of tea and snacked on the butterscotch bars from yesterday and chatted for a bit before she had to head out again. Now I am just awaiting my dear hubby to come home so we can have a nice supper before settling in for a snuggle on the couch and to tune into Dancing With The Stars.....not a bad way to start a the week, and certainly not a bad way to end a was yours?


  1. My Monday, overall, has been pretty good all things considered!!! I'm watching DWTS and contemplating having some icecream while I catch up on my blog reading! What do you think? Happy Monday!!!

  2. It sounds like you had a great Monday Ruby honey...I can't wait to watch DWTS tonight! Have a great Tuesday honey. Kori xoxo

  3. Pretty good. Finally got my Grant application filed and I can breathe easier for a while. Now, I'm just waiting to hear that you've heard from Oprah or Ellen -- and, I expect to be first! After all your other firsts, of course. Come visit when you can.

  4. Hello my sweet Stephanie!! What a day you had!! I'm so happy it was you that won the giveaway, you definitely deserve to have some pampering goodness in your life!! Kisses to you sweets! You're going to love your beauty goodie!!

    P.S My Mondays are reserved as "Castle" Mondays!! lol... love that show!!

  5. I would have been happy for anyone whose number would have come up as the winner, but when my husband announced your number after submitting the info in the number generator (I let him do the number thing "and the winner is ...") and I looked on my list to see who that it was you, it made me smile, as I knew you'd be so excited! Congratulations, darling Ruby!! xoxo


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