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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Simply Lovely

Today was to be a day of watching people fly kites, window shopping, and a bite of lunch out. So i got all dolled up in my favorite black tweed slacks, my lavender blouse that has been in my closet with the price tag still on since last year this time, my new earrings (1.99 at Forever21!) and fixed my hair and did my make up.....
Notice the hair is getting more to the shape I want..soon can let length grow back out.And yes I am happy with myself for going back to being raven haired.
Sadly due to poor weather and poorer turn out my daughter and I did not end up doing that. So instead we poked around in our favorite shop Anthropologie where as is our habit and ritual, we sought out beautiful, intoxicating perfume to spritz on, making our own blend from two or three similar testers....
Simply adore the bottles, the French silk ribbon and the bit of a romantic tale told in each mini card. Excuse the hair hate what sunglasses do to ones "do" .
After we were done dreaming, we stopped to smell the roses...well and photograph them as well....
I do miss my rose gardens from homes of the past. I have a mini bush now, but not quite the same.

Adore the perfect pink of this one.
And after going to Olive Garden for a bite to eat....
Thanks to Google for the perfect pic of our lunch LOL
We then headed to the local antique mall, taking our time to walk up and down each isle, in and out of each booth. There is always so much to see, so many wonderful treasures to be had , it is very overwhelming, and to try to pick out just one thing, as I am on such a limited budget, was indeed very hard to do, but I managed and this is what I ended up with....
It was 15.00 and I got an instant markdown to 12.00! Considering all the other trays I saw were double the price and then some, I was thrilled! It now sits on my sofa table holding my tissue box and French mirrored coasters.
All in all it was simply a lovely day, a nice escape from the humdrum of the four walls and I am thrilled with my find, as well as the memories that are carried each time I catch a waft of the perfume.


  1. It sounds like the perfect day! Hope you enjoyed yourself. Have a blessed Easter Ruby honey! Kori xoxo

  2. A truly elegant day! Love the roses, and the tray is very special indeed. (Your tissue box will never be the same again).

  3. what a wonderful day! i love anthro, olive garden, and antique shopping! sounds like such a perfect, relaxing time. :)


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