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Friday, April 22, 2011

"I SHINE Friday Challenge"
 As always, as it is Friday I am linking up to The Shine Project and participating in the weekly challenge. This week it was Earth Day themed. Do something kind for the Earth. I already walk instead of drive, partially because we can not afford to put gas in my car, partially out of health and partially so I can have my sweets. But the great side effect is limiting my footprint on the Earth. I do as much as I can. I do not waste electricity, I conserve water and our city recycles for us. We use both cloth shopping bags or reuse the plastic ones we need for things around the apartment. Little things count, add up and create big changes.

So today when I was trying to think what more I could do as part of this challenge, I decided on cleaning out my closet and instead of just tossing things, filling up the local landfill, I bagged them up and donated to Goodwill. Doing this also fell into the personal challenge I have been using as a theme all week.... "From Me To Me .." By cleaning the clutter and organizing best I could with the space and supplies I had it was like cleaning out the clutter of my mind as well and organizing my thoughts on all that has been going on. I won't say it has made all the bad from the last two weeks disappear, or has changed much, but it was just one little thing that made me feel better...right now I shall take as I said it fit the Shine challenge too.

What a mess. Can not even get in!

No floor space.

WOW! Now there is a floor!

As clean as I can get it....for now.

Nice and neat!
Now I am off for a walk... right after I donate the bags of items I cleared out , the second time this month...Hope you hop over to The Shine Project. There is some exciting things going on over there, loads of things you can do to participate and shine a little more...including becoming a Shine Project Leader in your community! 
Out enjoying the Earth!

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  1. YOURE AMAZING!!!! I just got your card too! Thank you! You are the sweetest woman ever! :) Made my day, and is not hanging on my bulletin board :)


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