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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

All Aboard : part two

Yesterday I shared the "daycation" my hubby and myself took to visit the California State Railroad Museum in Old Town Sacramento. What a wonderful place! We simply had no idea. We agreed very quickly it is a place we shall have to visit at least one or two more times to really get everything out of it that it has to offer. There is a movie we missed seeing, there was a tour, and plaque after plaque of information to soak in. It simply is not something you can do all in one day, unless you spend a great deal of it there. We are fine with that. We love going down to Old Town , and it is so close and easy to get to. 

So today I shall share the rest of the photos I took, including the ones from the Pixar artists exhibit (actually think I shall share those first!!) that was a special event being held there at the museum on that day. If we had more time that day, we would have participated more in that event, the lines were quite long to meet and greet. But it was so fun to see the original paintings up close. 
Monsters Inc.

Young girl up on her Daddy's shoulders to see Woody closer.

A Bug's Life close up

One of the many artists there that day, and a fan getting a doodle on the spot!

And now on to all the rest of the photos I took that day...well some of them...there was more, but picked the best. My camera is not however the best, so please forgive quality. 
This is actually up on the second story!!

Wonderful overhead view of Pixar event.

"Rosie" I actually used to wear my hair like this all the time a few years back, well the bandana...LOL

Below the plaque and a portion mentioned "Rosie".


A magnificent painting....

...and photograph as well.

Now just a few shots of the upstairs miniature train set display...there was so much to see up there alone, it definitely will be something we will want to spend more time seeing one day.
Same engine in many different sizes.

 I just adore miniature train sets. Have always dreamed of having a space large enough and enough money to support such a habit. I was just as enthralled as all the small children.

Well that is it for today....I sure hope you enjoyed just a very small sampling of the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento. Tomorrow Semi Wordless Wednesday...hope you will pop on in and join the link party.


  1. Pixar has so changed the world of animation. I'm delighted to have been a part of the progress of this wonderful medium that began in the early 20s. As an old fogie, I thoroughly enjoy animated films as much as serious work. I guess that's the kid in me. Goodness, I remember getting pretty sad in the first 20 minutes of "Up" watching that beautiful couple grow old together. Come visit when you can.

  2. More great photos! Love the Pixar exhibit, especially the Monster's Inc. painting! Kori xoxo


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