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Saturday, May 21, 2011

It Will Not Happen Often...

Recently my husband was promoted at work. It was a actual move across base pay wise,but the position was one he had when we lived in Texas and can be lucrative...not rich making by any means, but not eating nothing but pasta either. It has been two long years, nearly three really since he has felt like himself..loosing a high paying job, your home and everything you own can do that to a person. If you have been following along or have read older posts you know this year was even harder than the year before or the one before that. We were nearly homeless and about ready to sell off what was left and move back to Texas and in with my folks if they would pay for us to do so...we could not afford to drive down the block. We were receiving food from churches, money from friends and family, the stress was killing me, I honestly believe that as it took a huge toll on my already wobbly health. But in the last two months in the new position, my husband has been able to put more into savings, put all the rent away at once, and bills were paid on time! Nothing had to be put off. The best part? As he is in auto sales, the manufacture and the lot often offer what they call incentives and spiffs or spins....basically bonuses for selling certain makes and models. So because we had not been able to buy things we needed, never mind things we wanted we made the decision that for this month alone, we would do just that, and then from that point on put all of the ones that come in towards savings and paying our loved ones back. These bonuses will not happen often, but when they do it will be a real blessing.

A couple weeks back the first extra check came in. I went out and bought shorts as I will need them when the 100 degree temps hit. I bought a few things like socks, undies and a bra to wear for when I walk, new pjs and robe and before I knew it that was that. I was grateful to be able to have these things...even if they were basics. There was a time when I could buy most things at places like Macy's and New York and Co. , but now needing to do the Wal Mart and Kmart thing I felt just as rich. I had a panic attack at first, it was beyond hard for me! ME the once shopaholic was having a hard time spending money. For so long a cup of coffee out from the gas station was a hardship and a luxury and now I was given 100.00 to go out and spend. I did a mighty fine job, but as I said it was hard.

Well the other day he got another. It was for more. This time we can get him his basics and essentials and I was give more to finish up what I needed and even get a few things that I ....dare I say it...wanted. So yesterday I went out with my daughter Rebecca and we had a nice lunch out, nothing over the top, but I splurged on a half glass of wine to go with my salad. As I share we then went on to have gelato ...jasmine flavored. Oh my that was divine! Sitting at the shopping area in the bright Spring sunshine, next to the fountain,watching wild finches play, and the smell of roses all around us...heaven on earth for least in my world. My big , " I want " purchase was at Anthropologie. I bought a bottle of perfume that I have been spritzing on each and every time we would stop in the store. Nothing pricey, under 30.00, so maybe not the best out there, but to me it was just as good. Plus it came with a wonderful little prose and a snippet of silk ribbon...

The maker of it is Oiseau. This scent is called "The Charmer", and the prose reads as such....
Her pulse
quickened as she 
stepped into the 
ripening twilight,
already fashionably 
late,she set about
blowing kisses to
the honeysuckle 
bushes that crowded 
her doorstep. Until
I return, my
loves, adieu!

I had been head over heels each time I read this. I plan to also buy the other two in the collection if I can manage, simply so I can have the prose. I wish to type it up, print it and frame it. I was beyond thrilled with that simple purchase as it was a true luxury...again there was a time when Channel was what I went for...and Channel No.5 is still my scent, but this truly makes my heart sing! I am finding that the cost or label is no longer a big factor for me...if I love it, that is what counts. 

Then after the perfume I was able to also get a pair of sandals for the summer, strappy and with rhinestones...I do adore sparkle! I also bought a pair of sunglasses, again with a bit of sparkle and a cute boater style hat with black and white rim sashes paired with black and white polka dot roses. Too cute for a Summer daycation...all were found at Ross, so not too much was spent...but I felt as if I had broken the bank and was riding high on shop therapy. But it got better. I was able to go out today as well! So I got up bright and early, got dressed, tied up my walking shoes and headed back to the mall. 
Not glamorous by any means, but when one is to walk several miles toting purchases in 80 degree temps.....comfort comes first.

My first stop was at Victoria's Secret. My oh my how long had it been since I had been able to even walk through the doors. I went early so the lovely sales girl Aubrey helped me each and every step of the way..of course I ended up with my fav style as I always do. The best part? I had coupons! I got free undies, 10.00 off one of the bras and a free tank top! I felt very satisfied I had gotten the most bang for the amount of money I spent. Then it was off to a store called Love Culture and I was able to get a bag I had been pining over. A bowling bag shaped purse covered in sheer black roses, trimmed with silver threads and patent leather handles. So romantic. Practical too as it will hold a lot of stuff! Then it was off to H&M ....I was looking for a white sun dress...trying to break the all black mode, alas nothing caught my I bought another rose encrusted purse, this a cute, smaller one, in red with a silver chain...while there I also bought cat eye sunglasses that are not the perfect Audrey shape, but getting closer, a yellow flower to wear in my hair and even a belt that is soft pleather in the shape of a bow. Then it was off to Forever 21 where I bought a sparkly watch that sits in a ring! And of course I had to have a cute necklace from the 1.50 rack for when I eye glasses....just adorable. Then it was time to cross the street ( after getting an ice tea ) and ULTA, where I was able to get my facial creams and a gold nail polish ( since I had been lusting ever since seeing it on all the starletts nails during The Oscars.) ....after leaving there, I browsed the book store for a break from the heat, but soon headed back out to Payless Shoes...another coupon in hand I left with a cute pair of strappy kitten heels in white ( been needing white shoes!) and a black and white checkered scarf as well...then I walked the rest of the way home to drop off my goodies before heading out to the local market for an Italian soda ( chocolate strawberry) and to purchase some French hard cheese, heart shaped crackers and a bouquet of sunflowers. So that was my day ! I think I did wonderfully with what I was given...but you be the will not happen often that I will have such shopping days to share, but when they do happen, you know I shall share!!! 
All my goodies from yesterday and today. Sorry the bow belt , off to the right does not show up too well.I shall wear the tank when I walk this Summer...cheeky I know, but when it is 100 degrees one has the right to be.

Adorable !

Still swooning.

Not quite as pinky red as it lets on...but the fabric roses are pretty all the same.

Now pardon me while I am off for a rose scented milk bath, and then a glass of wine while I cook supper. Till we chat again...Adieu


  1. Starting to feel like your old self, eh? :-)

  2. Sounds like you've had a wonderful time. I'm glad things are looking up at last. The hard times in life truly make us appreciate the good which ultimately proves to be a wonderful thing. X

  3. sounds like such a fabulous way to spend your day! and yay for getting great deals!!! hope you have a fabulous rest of the weekend, doll!

  4. lucky bout time :)

  5. I'm delighted with this post! So glad things are beginning to turn around. Itoldyouso! So there. Love the bag. If you didn't enter my give-away, today's the last day, so pop on over.


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