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Friday, May 20, 2011

Dressing Up ...

It is Friday once again, and time for another link party. Most of the participants are doing their favorite designers, or fashion style, accessories etc. I want to color outside the lines as I did last week when I chatted about LBD' own LBD's. It is not that I do not have favorite designers, styles or accessories. Perhaps next time I will touch on those...but for me, the current life journey that I am on this past couple of years, both through my blog and what I do not share ( I know is there anything I don't share??) dictates more to just getting dressed, out of my bathrobe, and caring about my appearance again despite how much I may hurt that day or what I am dealing with. Going from a clothes horse ( though never have been a label person I must say), running a fashion chat/advice group on line and then becoming a person who was in her robe 24-7 , it has been a struggle to start caring again...rediscover the old Ruby, or better yet a new one. I have however been trying harder and harder. So just a couple shots from this past weeks posts to what I wore today to share. Oh and well, I have to show off my pink "bubble" colored nails with added sparkles that I had done today!

Rainy day out .....Blue sweater, black skinny jeans, black ruffled trench. Black boots, purse and beret(with sequins!) Oh and black leather gloves that have bows on them. Small black bow earrings, and rhinestone bow broach.

Without hat, coat, gloves ...and well earrings as I took them out cause my ears were sore LOL Nope there is no white spot on the sweater by the way...that was a rain reflection I think.
Grocery day outfit.

A an afternoon lunch date with a bit of is gingham, but came off all swirly in pic. Bandana has little blue roses on it. Adore my green shoes!!

Not about fashion, but yummy....Jasmine Gelato ! MMM YES! It tasted like the flower smells.

Revlon "Bubble: # 222 With a coat of sparkle added!

So there you have it, my baby step attempts to dress up in something other than my PJs or just jeans and a plain T with my walking shoes and a baseball cap. I so hope you will click the button below that has the link attached and go see all the other bloggers who have posted the most wonderful fashion photos/ worth the time!


  1. Your black ruffle trench & sequined beret are divine!!! {Lily of Opulence}

  2. Great post Ruby honey!!!! I'm loving your jeans! Thanks for linking up today. Kori xoxo

  3. Hi darling! I really admire your ability to always always look so well put together. I bet people notice you because you have great style and look like a lady no matter what.

    P.S. That gelato sounds so yummy... :)

  4. @Little Rus That is so sweet of you to say. I do try. For so long I had given up on doing so, had given up on myself. I am trying hard to gain back the feeling for doing so. But yes, often I am the most dressed up in the environment and turn heads for being so.

  5. Love the beret look. So glad you are making an effort to be more you. I'm sure it must make you feel a little better, even if you don't feel great xxx


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