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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This whole past week I have been reading my past blog posts. Originally it started out to label each one so they would be easier to find for new readers and in searches as well. As I began to open each one to do so, I could not help but to re-read them. I am still in the process of doing so, as well as labeling each is time consuming, but also fascinating to see where my life journey since I started the blog has lead me to date. All the ups and downs, twists and turns and subjects I have covered from what I call "fluff" to serious subjects, letting readers in on every aspect of my life. 

When I started doing the blog I truly had no idea what it would be about, and certainly what it would evolve to be. How it would touch peoples lives from all over the world. How it would connect me to so many wonderful new cyber friends. I certainly did not expect to share what I have. I thought originally I would do decor on the cheap, and just share my passion for the love of decor and design, and for a time that is what it was all about. But soon with a small apartment basically decorated and money getting tighter, I turned to my second love, fashion. I had for a time on a site called SparkPeople lead a discussion/advice group about fashion, how to dress and trends. I was good at it. Getting back to it really made me feel as if my world was not crumbling beneath me...but again soon lost interest as I could not afford to buy any of the things I was sharing and the fun went out of it. Then came the idea to read a book and share what my thoughts were on it. French Girl Friday's is still a group of 7 posts that people visit time and time again. It was so fun to do and so insightful as well.The response had been overwhelming! Then hubby and I, to get out of the apartment started doing daycations on the cheap and there seemed to be huge was fun ( still is) to share all the wonderful places we visited. Though I often wonder how many times you all want to see me drinking wine LOL !! Apparently you do not mind and they are some of your favorite posts. I do so love helping to get exposure for our local wine makers.

Life continued , the blog did the same. Winter hit, our finances took yet another dip as did my health and soon I started exploring not local wineries and small towns, but what was inside of my heart and head. I started my journey to discover happiness, despite all that was going on. I grasped at every straw, shared everything that I was struggling with , I did not pull the covers over anything. I opened myself up, every part of me. Every struggle, tear and triumph. I never candy coated any of it. Again with this new twist to the blog there was an out pouring of support, compassion, and even help came here and there to see me through the dark days. I learned what it truly meant to have compassion shown me, kindness with nothing expected in return. My heart swelled and soared from the result. I am not going to say that I do not still struggle with life...the fibro, my painful teeth, the arthritis, all see to that...they effect mood and what I am able to do and handle. But I feel stronger now and hope to build on that so that by next Winter I can make it through and create more light when the darkness hits.

As Spring has evolved and I have made new friends via Twitter who expose me to beauty on all levels, and more kindness than I have ever known, as well as acceptance, I have felt I have grown, and I have felt life has been enriched even when there was no money left over after my husbands pay check. I soon stopped being so worried and pre-occupied with my health and what we did not have and have been counting my blessings day in and day out. Soon, and recently a wonderful thing has happened with my husbands job improving, his mood doing the same and in turn life also improving. We have a long way to go to get back anywhere close to where we were, but there is a glimmer at the end of the tunnel. There is a renewed hope and drive for the better.

I am just so amazed at how far in such a short time my life has come, evolved. I know there will be more twists and turns, ups and downs, both financially, in my health ( still pray for a miracle to happen so I can get a new smile) and with my blog. Life is a journey and it is ever changing...I just wanted to thank you, the readers, for going on the ride with me and hope you will stick around and see where life takes me.

P.S. If you have any suggestions for topics, things you would like to see etc email me or leave a comment. I do this blog not just for myself, a way to document my life, my interests etc. but also for you the reader. 

Love you. Ruby. XX

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  1. Hi Ruby! Gosh, it's been so busy this week with my dad in visiting me that I haven't been able to catch up, but today it's drizzly and I'm in the studio and life is back to normal. It makes me feel so good to know that things are looking a little better and happier for you these days. Yay for happy is what we say, right? What would it be fun to see? Hmmm ... maybe share some of the sights you see while you're on your walks this summer? That would make us feel as if we were walking with you! Have a wonderful day, sweetie. xoxo


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