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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Semi Wordless Wednesday, Pinterest & Oprah

Each week I have been doing the SWW link up party over at Flip Flops & Pearls, but another friend over at The Vintage Apple does a link up party for of my latest obsessions. I could not decide which one to do, so decided to do both in one post. Not only that, but throw in some Oprah. How could I not? It is the very last show today!!

First I will say thank you to Oprah. Thank you for being there for me and so many others over the last 25 years. You may not have known what kind of impact you had on my life. You may not realize that you kept me company when I was a stay at home Mom with three little ones. You may not know that you helped to dry my tears of fear, frustration and created tears of happiness. You made me laugh, you made me feel warm and fuzzy and you inspired me over and over again. You may not have granted my ultimate dream of a new smile, but you gave me hope that it could happen. I will miss you coming into my living room each day, but I look forward to your magazine each month, the newsletters coming into my in box each day and seeing where OWN goes. So once again, THANK YOU!

Now for my SWW post ........Be sure to click onto the links at the very bottom of the post for both SWW and the Pinterest link parties and check out other bloggers posts.

image via
LINK for interview by Gayle King with Oprah about end of an era.

Aprils Issue

My letter appeared in the Letters to the Editor.

See that is me!
Now on to my Pinterest post, which is also doubles as a continuation of a Semi Wordless Wednesday Post. I am simply in love with this site. I discovered it via my friends over on Twitter. It is like online scrap booking. I have shared in the past how I cut out pictures that I find beautiful or inspiring and tape them into a "dream journal" , well this is so much easier. All I have to do is click the "pin it" in my tool bar and assign where I want a picture I want from just about anywhere on the web onto my pages. I can also see what others have pinned on the site ( if I follow them or one of my friends do) and I can re-pin. So thought I would share just a small sampling can see more here.

Pink velvet truffle via

I have a long time love affair with flappers, via

...anything with peacocks

ruffles and sweets. via

This is a drawing my daughter did of a fan dancer. Her name is Ruby.

Pink and Sparkles! via

Decadence! via

My hair goal!! Will take me till have a ways to go. via

Modern Flapper  via

Simply stunning.via




  1. I love your style ; ) It is so hard to believe you have three grown daughters >.<
    I need to set up my Pinterest too.... what am I waiting for?

  2. Thanks for linking up!! I am wanting to check out this Pinterest link, lol, cause honey you KNOW I am alllllllllll about it!

    Love the images, I think I have those heels on one of my boards:)


  3. I thought of you today. I know you must be mourning the end of an era!

  4. I love all of your picks!!!! That drawing that your daughter did is BEAUTIFUL! She is so talented!! And, I am seriously considering making those pink velvet truffles...they just look DIVINE!!!

    Thank you for linking up today!!!!!!

  5. Hey doll, I put your banner up on my blog! Check it looks fabulous! :) love the pics know I LOVE those pink sparkly shoes! wink wink...and the flapper fabulousness...ADORE! Hope you're having a GLAM week. xoxo


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