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Friday, May 6, 2011

Tribute to Online Girlfriends, With A Touch of Murder....

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 I have always had very special friends in my life, always at least one that I could hang out with, giggle over silly things with, gossip with and simply just sit with. Growing up I had a very small circle, always just one or two close friends that would have a wider circle I would become a part of from time to time...but always treasured having just that one special friend. 
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 As I grew older and boyfriends entered the picture, I would have a good close friend , my boyfriend and often a few of his friends that would be there no matter what, it was always a party of could count on the support, the laughter, the love and the trouble too! Just all part of it. But as I became an adult it became harder. I was a young mom to one, then two and finally three daughters, all by the time I was 24 years of age. All our friends were busy having careers and not really thrilled with hanging out with the parents. Soon my Mom was to be my best friend, even with the discord we had all through my youth and adulthood, we still would find ourselves doing lunch, shopping and just being silly together. 
My Mom today, back in Texas
 As time went by and my girls were getting older and more independent, I made adult friends through church and work, I would find a singular best bud with a few extra to spare. They would drive me nuts and I would do the same for them, but no matter how much that would happen we were there for each other and it was so wonderful to have that female peer(s) to lean on. 
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 When I moved to Texas these friends drifted away and only one or two remained through emails from time to time, even a visit...but sadly distance, though it made the heart grow fonder, it also tore apart. I made new friends...first by my hubby being brazen at a local bistro and bumming in on a wine rep selling the owner wines from our old home town...he could not resist, I gained a girlfriend out of it that introduced me to a life of cocktail hours and coffee time chats. Then as we found that is all we had in common we drifted, and a new friend drifted in, and hearts bonded, giggles commenced and support reigned during tough times, till once again we found ourselves on different paths, and though I shall always care for these two very special people, my friends, it was time to move on.
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 Soon I connected with some seniors that I met in line for coffee and who took me in when I was sitting by myself daily sipping my coffee and eating my lemon bar. They instantly became my family and though I was always happy to see them, one even became my best pal ever ( oddly enough a 70 year old widower) I felt a need, a desire for a gal pal. Sadly it was not to be. I turned back to online friends. Through Facebook and then through a site called Spark, I had made bonds with women who I could relate to on so many levels....I eagerly rushed to the computer each day after I would get home to chat with, virtually shop with and giggle over life. 
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But it did not replace having them close by and in person and I believe in many ways it lead to the depression I was suffering from there, clouding the fact that I had my seniors who had been the most wonderful, drama free, full of love companions that I had ever had, well besides my beloved hubby! I wanted so very badly to have that gal pal, my age, that I could share all the things I was into with ...from fashion to parenting. My friends back in our home town begged me to find a way to move back to California, all swearing to visit often...we finally did, and they did not. I found myself feeling very lonely, and to top it off "my seniors" and my Mom were both back in Texas. I no longer could work, am not a club joiner, and no longer attend church, so makes it hard to make friends. Friends that live close enough also seemed to disappear when our wealth and home did. I once again sought out my friends on Facebook, and finally Twitter....and as I have mentioned and celebrated so many times recently, I have found some wonderful online friends.
How I envision myself with all my Twitter/ Facebook friends ! *sourced via What about Bobbed

These friends are responsible for the tone of my blog to change, and for being able to connect with a part of my life I had shelved because of what had happened in my life over the last few years....of course they are also responsible for me to not get chores done, putting off my walks, sitting far too much, opening up a account, and smiling till my face hurts. Some are responsible for me drooling, swooning, dreaming  of what I once could have and can not any longer, but oddly I no longer feel bad about it, I simply enjoy the fantasy and crave more. Some have introduced me to new worlds of music, books, movies, simple luxuries and many new friends. Some are there inspiring me each day. Others allow me to wallow from time to time , then kick me in the butt and helping me to snap out of it. Some are famous, some are on their way....all have open hearts and soaring spirits and are as beautiful as they possibly can be , dazzling the senses through 140 characters or less. So I wanted to pay tribute once again to these gems of friends I now have, they may not ever fill the void I often feel from not having a close one on one, in person, gal pal, but they do make my heart soar! 
This is for you all ! xx
I had some free time, so what did I do?
I checked the computer to see
if I'd heard from you.
I used to walk out to a box to
retrieve mail
But I'd rather get it instantly
than wait on the snail...
Checking my email is
always fun
I usually get a joke or
greeting from someone.
I feel so connected because
on the other end
I know I've discovered a
new found friend.
When I've had a hard day
and need to share
Here I can find a friend who
will listen and care.
And to this friend I hope
I let know
That I am always there for
them also.
Isn't it a strange kind of
bond we form?
It isn't exactly like the "norm"
But where is it written,
face to face we have to be
For you to be a very good
friend to me?
That little joke, or note, or
even just a simple
Could be like a ray of
sunshine from the sky.
So my online-pals ,
this is dedicated to you
For all the smiles you
have made anew
May our friendship
continue to grow
and the warmth we feel
continue to flow.

  ****One of my new friends Kori Donahue has written a new book, the kindle version released today, and soon the paperback version will also hit . Because she has been so good to me, and has been such a bright spot in my daily life I wanted to do all that I could to help promote her very first published works. We all over at Twitter are so beyond excited and over the moon for her ...we just know that she will be one of our famous and sought out friends in the very near future, and we are honored to have known her when and to be able to go on the journey with her as well through our chats in 140 characters or less. Best of the best to her!!


  1. Ruby, I'm speechless. This is the sweetest thing ever. I am so flattered and thankful for your sweet comments and support. You are amazing friend. Thank you so much for this. Kori xoxo

  2. So sweet! It is so amazing how uplifting our dear friends in this online world can be. Somedays I don't know what I'd so without it. It's like this little bubble of encouragement and smiles. However, I'd desperately love to meet you ladies from my online bubble in real life one day - oh how fun?! Eating cookies, sipping on wine, and gossiping about life. *sigh* a girl can dream. :)

    have a good weekend, doll! :)

  3. I grew up in the visiting-over-the-fence generation. That changed to the morning kaffeklatch at each other's houses to swap recipes, ideas, childrens' stories, and just get some plain old-fashioned adult conversation.

    When my children were very young, I lived in a development that was in this type of transition -- at one end of the block, neighbors visited non-stop, freely walking in and out of each other's homes and daily talks; at the other end of the block of just 18 houses, not a soul visited. Oh, you would say 'hello' if you saw each other, but it was on to whatever and nothing anywhere near what went on at the other end of the block.

    I think the Internet gives us a touch of both types of personalities but without the pressure of those relationships. We can become friends who share our feelings and beliefs and eschew those who are too confrontational or argumentative, and life is lots easier -- except, when you need a hug. {{{HUGS}}} Ruby

  4. Ahhh, reading that made me all emotional. It is an odd world with this online world we inhabit but yes, it is very special. I have made some wonderful friends and contacts online, yourself included, who brighten up my day and make me smile regularly.

    Online communities are just the same as off line, people come and go, friendships and alliances change over time, people move on or move away and you go through all the same emotional experiences. However, one thing that online does allow is to meet masses of people frequently so you never ever feel alone. I love that and it has definitely helped my transition to this new and strange country I now inhabit.

    Bigs hugs x


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