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Thursday, June 30, 2011

At The End Of A Long Dirt Road~ A Wine Tour.

Wednesday, I shared with you the town of Plymouth in the Amador Valley of California. As our final destination that we went to on Sunday was the winery of Perry Creek.

Nestled in the "town" of Fair Play, not really a town, but a winery mecca as all that sits out amongst the picturesque scenery of rolling hills and winding roads is farms, winery tasting rooms and vineyards. After following these winding roads we turned onto a dirt drive and wondering what we would find at the end of it...we knew a winery, but would it be a small shack, or a beautiful tasting facility. We were very surprised indeed.

The surrounding area and the road in.

At first, more like a park setting, complete with rustic picnic grounds. Then...

We parked the car, and headed in to see what awaited us....

Hints at the fun ahead!

I do love porches and patios!

More fun spirit sits in the gift shop that is in the tasting room.

Barrel tasting awaited...just in case you want to buy futures for when they are bottled and available for purchase.

The tasting bar.
Home of The Zin Man , as seen in the magazine Wine Enthusiast ( my hubbies fav mag!) Perry Creek instantly has a feeling of welcoming. We were even greeted by the owner,Stefan Tscheppe, at least we were told that he was the main man. He smiled, welcomed and the pouring of wine was swift. he introduced us to the rest of the group that were there for the same tour as us and the "party" began. 

"At Perry Creek Winery we specialize in Rhone varietals and Zinfandels grown at the unusually high altitude of 2401 feet. We are well known for producing outstanding Californian wines with a modern European twist.

Distinctive and expressive with a touch of elegance are terms used to describe our small production, handcrafted artisan wines. Our goal is to leave your taste buds delighted and your senses satisfied in an unforgettable way. In short, our wines are made to dance upon your palate and awaken your spirit.

We invite you to spend the afternoon visiting our tasting room, enjoying our current wine selections and creating a picnic lunch from our

gourmet deli case.
We offer several varieties of artisan meats and cheeses along with freshly baked baguettes. Our wine park and veranda offer plenty of picnicking choices to enjoy your freshly prepared feast.
Don’t forget to check out our current events page so you can plan a trip to the winery with your family and friends. We offer several special events per month so there is always something fun and interesting to enjoy here. "
** From the web site

After a few minutes our tour guide, Adrian ( I hope that is his name..I think I heard that) showed up and lead us on a short, but informative tour of the winery and processing areas. I of course did not take hands were full with a wine glass and a you will just have to go *giggle* .....

The machine that separates that grapes from the stems and breaks the skins so the juice can be gathered.

Where the wine is fermented and separated from some of the sentiment.

The next step..barrel aging.

Soon it was time to go back inside, do some of that futures tasting I was mentioning earlier, and then the plates of munchies came out and more wine poured by our wonderful host......

Stefan Tscheppe and hubbys arm *giggle*

We had a wonderful time, and though many of the group decided to stay on and sit outdoors with another bottle and some fresh baked bread supplied by the winery, we decided it was time to head home....NO WORRIES, we poured out after a couple sips of each sampling, drank loads of water and well ate a lot all hubby was not under the influence ALWAYS important...we are old hats at this wine tour thing. We of course took home our free bottle of Zin Man and even took home a grab bag wine to go with it. All in all it was a wonderful daycation day out! 

Cheers till our next adventure!


  1. What fun! Thanks for sharing! xxx

  2. Great article! One of the things I also look for is the alcohol content. The way I evaluate it is when I exhale after I swallow. If I feel a bit of a “sting”, it’s usually due to higher than expected alcohol content. The sting may also be noticeable in your nose when you first smell the wine, as well. Something to watch for when you're at a winery drinking LOTS of different wines.

    Cheers! For wine testing.


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