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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Tiny Town With A Lot Of Charm

Yesterday I shared our visit to the Sobon Estate and Winery and the adjoining museum, it was such a beautiful place, and we had wonderful wine and even learned something. After we left, we again just followed the road to see where it would take us, and we ended up in the tiny town right near the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. 

The road ahead as we left Sobon.

Sitting at the cross roads of Hwy 49, a highway we have explored quite extensively more to the north of this area in our daycation adventures, and the Amador wine region that borders that of the Shenandoah wine region sits the one main street town of Plymouth. At first it seemed rather like a typical 1 horse town we have run across on our travels. Abandoned buildings, maybe a few homes from a by gone era, but as we drove through we saw that there was much more to it, and we decided that we would turn around and get out and take a look see at what the town had to offer.

Plymouth, California
Elevation: 1086 feet

Located on Historic Highway 49, Plymouth is in the heart of Gold Country and is a perfect place to stay when visiting beautiful Shenandoah Valley, Amador County's Wine Region.
Amador County is now home to over 30 wineries. Many are situated near Plymouth, on scenic back roads in picturesque rural terrain of historic California. Most Amador wineries are small family operations.
You are likely to meet an owner and unpretentious hospitality is normal. While Amador County is justly famous for its Zinfandel wines, new Mediterranean varieties native to Italy and Southern France are beginning to make a fine showing and are becoming common in area tasting rooms.
Plymouth is located at Amador County's north end. 1850s Plymouth and nearby Pokerville grew up side by side. Plymouth Consolidated Mine produces over $13 million in gold. Remaining today is the Empire building, once a mining company's brick office.

North of Plymouth you'll find Nashville, once called Quartzburg, one of historic California's earliest quartz-mining districts. The first stamp mill in the Mother Lode operated in Nashville.

Plymouth hosts the Amador County Fairgrounds and is now considered a gateway to many wineries of Shenandoah Valley. Accommodations and camping are available. *** More info here 

I was immediately wishing we had a bit more time to explore this tiny burg. I loved all the wonderful homes I was seeing. Many were in a slight need of repair, but the charm was evident. The history right there for all to see if they would only open their eyes. As we walked up and down the street, and I was snapping off my photos as always, an older gent sitting on the porch of an old ( what appeared to be) store front that had seen better days, but was so adorable. It sat next to a beautiful Victorian era home ...both appeared to be in the stages of repair and being brought back to their former glory. He was a near toothless man ( my sad future, the toothless part, not the man part *giggle*) and it startled me at first when he spoke to us and I had to give him my attention. But he then filled us in on the stories of the beautiful Victorian and told us we must one day go to Jackson Ca. to see photos and learn more history of this beautiful Queen of the block. He spoke of the owner and what his plans were and then wished us a good day.
Near our parking space.

Up the alley from where we parked.

One main street, a lot of history to be discovered.

Small rough diamonds in the rough lined the surrounding streets.

The jewel in the crown of Plymouth

The cute little store next to the "Queen"...

You too could own this if you liked! It is for sale/rent.
As we walked down the street, snapping off more photos, I was so excited to see there was a lot of 1920's history to be discovered. It was fun to stop and read the little plaques on the two eateries that were in town. One was a General Store, serving everything from sandwiches to gelato and nearly everything in between from local vendors. You could even get box lunches to go and an cappuccino if your heart desired. 
I could easily sit here for awhile and watch the world drive by.

I think you can click on this pic to see larger image. If not email me and will send it to you.

The second historic store was across the street and is currently a bistro by the name of Taste. A high end eatery, it is complete with small candle lit tables, white linen table clothes and a lot of charm. 

I think you can click on this pic to see larger image. If not email me and will send it to you.
As we had an appointment to get on to the wine tour that was scheduled for 3 p.m. we unfortunately had to get back in the car , but I snapped off a few final photos for you. One I missed getting as it was on the corner of the busy highway, and there was too many cars to stop and take a pic..sitting there on the corner was an old home that housed an antique mall and even an entrance that said "Mine Shaft" that seemed to also house I most likely will push to go back to this lovely little town, grab a bite to eat and explore the side streets and this intriguing antique store. Till then, here is the few shots mentioned above, and will leave you with the knowledge of another winery post tomorrow.

The local bar/hotel.

Always love a park and when there is a gazebo even better!


  1. Looks beautiful. I love that you have Daycations. I may have to adopt that word. L -x-

  2. How wonderful to visit such lovely places with you. Thank you for sharing. Looks like a great time and great pics. Have a great holiday weekend hun!


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