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Monday, June 27, 2011

Girly Talk Part Deux

*Giggle* could not help throw in one of the few French words and can pronounce correctly in...but now back to girly/beauty talk. As you know from yesterday's post I was working on trying to add some finger waves to my hair, just something different to do while it grows out in length and the layers even out. I showed you a photo of them in process using the Garnier Color Shield as my setting gel, because it brushes out nice and soft without any crunch and it holds for at least three least in my hair...after that I simply must wash or I go insane!

First set;

...then took pins out, spritzed a bit of water and re-worked the "dip".
So great news is they turned out pretty good, and even sleeping on the finished product did not effect my bangs...the sides well they flattened just was not working for me. So I touched the sides up and decided to curl the layers around my face out. 

So not the best pick of me. I hate taking close ups, and trying to do so on own...but shows finished hair....and my make up for the day....for make up went with a brown, bronze & touch of gold in the eyes. Raspberry red lips.
So now moving on to the make up mentioned above. I promised to mention a few of my other goodies that I love. The E.L.F eye shadows as well as a few creaseless versions from Benefit are by far my favs. As you get older the creasing happens. I use Benefit Stay Put primer on lids. I use a tinted moisturizer all over. I then do my modified smokey eye....especially during day...if at night will venture into the midnight blues and charcoal look for the eye..a bit more 20's than here. I then apply FOUR coats , yes four, of Benefit's Bad Girl lash in black. I have very stubby eyelashes, and looky what happens.....

No false lashes needed. *Please ignore the puffy eyes....allergies, and forgot my Prep-H.
But backing up a bit.... I use E.L.F eye, lip, and cheek color stick on a foam wedge and add a rosy hue to my cheeks. I like the Pink Lemonade color. Though have been known to use a rose red gel salve when I can find it and it adds a deeper hue to the cheeks.Then I will often if I feel my pours are screaming at me to be hidden, I will use Benefit's The Pore smells great and really gives a wonderful mat base to apply all my other goodies. I dab on some Erase Paste, also from Benefit if I have not slept in some time. Eye Bright, again from Benefit works wonders on inside rims and at corners of eyes to brighten and "lift" a bit.

  My next step is to fill in my brows with a dark brown pencil from know the little red one...cost effective and works like a charm. I use the Benefit Some Kind of Gorgeous just where needed for extra coverage ( I have broken capillaries and blemish scars). Applying my powder after...I know backwards...but I have shaky hands and because of that I at times will get shadow or mascara on my face where it does not belong, I use a make up remover stick ( again Maybelline)  and then have to tough up my the powdering after saves me that step...but if you have steady hands then indeed apply before you do your brows and cheeks. I also like the after because I can see when I really need it too...maybe lighten up the cheeks a bit, or the brows. I really like Benefits get Even for my red patches, and apply that before the powder and after the "primers" and Hello Flawless powder in Champagne for my powder. They all work great together and really last the day...and touch ups if needed are easy too as the powder comes with the pad and brush in the compact if needed. 

Lastly, for the most part anyway, I apply what is traditionally a face primer as a highlighter. Benefit's "That Gal" is a wonderful primer that if I was going with an all natural look I would use all on it's own over my normal moisturizer once I feel it has soaked in. It has a wonderful cooling effect and it brightens the skin and evens it out to some extent. I like it on my cheek bones and below my eyes to help lighten, brighten and highlight.
Once I am pleased with the face, eyes, cheeks etc, I apply the lips, like mentioned I am loving the 24 hour variety mentioned yesterday by Maybelline. Only as mentioned oil food will effect and it can then start to wear off or if your lips are dry flake a bit. So I carry a mini baggy with an oily make up remover pad, carefully remove all and start fresh...not always needed, I am happy to say, but there are times it is easier than trying to touch up the bare spots if you had that wonderful warm bread dipped in olive oil or indulged in that bowl of pasta with the creamy sauce. That is why I always carry a small make up emergency kit as any good girly girl would do when out for a full day. 

So all is done and you would think I am done, but recently I picked up E.L.F Cosmetic's Make up Mist & Set. It cools, and sets your makeup, even your lips and helps it not slide all over on those long hot days of Summer we have here in the Sacramento area. I love it. Last night I even sprayed it on after I removed all my make up to cool me off a bit and refesh my sensitive skin. I know this all sounds like a lot of steps...and it is. As one gets older ( I will be 45 on July 9th) and with all my health issues, not to mention sun exposure over the years, it takes a lot to create the glam look I like so much. 

There are days when I simply put on my moisturizer, a bit of lip gloss or lipstick and I am on my way. I truly only wear everything if it is a special day out. For all my love of the look high maintenance creates, I am a low maintenance kind of gal. Often my hair is just combed back after a shower, and I live in my Pj's if not going out. A little lotion to help with the non stop drying effects from my health and the A.C or Heat being on and that is that. 

I do indeed find it fun and even relaxing to go through all my steps to create "Ruby" for a day out and with a nod at the 20's....(as I am far too shapely to be a true girl of the 20's, and will not bind myself can not afford reproductions of the divine fashions) so my hair, make up, perhaps hats, maybe an accessory or two and of course that feeling glam I adore when it is all combined makes it all the better. I do at times wonder if I look too harsh, even GASP! make myself look older or like I am trying too hard as there is so many of the baseball cap and clean, fresh faced gals about town and this area...but when others tell me I look nice or that I am beautiful, all that goes out the window and it is worth it...not that I truly need someone else to boost my ego to make me feel good, but it does feel nice.

Now to share just a snippet of what I wore with all this make up and hair prep.....
My hat...bow goes in back. It is by it! Cost 8.99 at Ross!!!  Gold threads add sparkle. My Scarf is from World Market, 12.99. The Purse, covered with fabric red roses, 7.00 on clearance at H&M.

Shoes. 12.99 at Ross on clearance...more bling! Not a sandal girl normally, but did not know if I could manage wine tour on heels.

The rose ring, bought many moons ago, 5.00. The bracelet for under 5.00 at Forever 21, The flower watch ring also under 5.00 at Forever 21. The rose cluster earrings in a pinkish red were a gift from my daughter Rebecca and I adore them. Though I do wish to purchase large disk backs to help keep them upright on my lobes.
So all put together, here I am at one the wineries I shall chat about this week ...what do you think??

* A great thing for all girly things 20's and if you explore site, other eras soo! LINK


  1. Love how you took us step by step. And, the scarf is my favorite!!

  2. Great look! Love how you give a nod to the 20s and make it work so well with today's look. Maybe you could find an old Marcel machine? Look forward to the winery blog!


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