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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Girly Talk

Every image is from a Google Image Search for 1920's make up or hair.
So recently I have been playing around with a few new beauty products, and some products that are not actually beauty oriented, but work very well. I thought we would have some girly chat, and I would clue you in! 

So the first product I wanted to chat a bit about is the new Maybelline Super Stay 24 hour color. Now normally these types of liquidy , thick products that need the gloss applied over and over to keep moist are not my fave. I had tried a version of this before and fell out of love with it. They seem to have improved it. You still have to apply with a very light hand, for if it gets too thick it will not wear as well and will glob up a bit as well. You do still have to apply the special gloss through out the day. I think it is worth it! I have worn it all day, with eating, drinking, kissing my hubby on the cheek *blush* and it has not come off...not even once when I went to bed with it, next day, sure enough it was still there! Now if you eat a oil based meal it will start to wear off and you will have to carefully reapply that section of lip to even it all out again, but that really is not so bad. Oil breaks the product off and that makes it come right off. I often will use a bit of olive works wonders and leaves my lips very soft!! My fav color right now is a cherry red color, it is the deepest of the reds they have....I do believe cherry is in the name, but even with my glasses I can not read the tiny label on the product. All the colors have a bit of shimmer too. 

Another one that lasts and lasts, unless you get near oil is the Cover Girl lip stains. These are my all time favorite ! I like the plums and deep redish pinks. I love that I can choose to have a mat lip or a gloss over top. It stays and stays, and is easy to apply and determine the deepness of color. I highly suggest it. 

If you like actual lipstick Loreal's  new 10 hour is a nice choice. Not a favorite, but I do use it. I have found that thought I love the feel, the pigment deepness that it does transfer off onto glasses and people, and even food that is not oil based made it wear off and down. I tried blotting and reapplying and blotting again, something I do with my regular lipsticks to make them last, it helped. I also tried using the lip stain as a base and then doing that and it did make it wear longer. But to me if you have to do this , what is the point?? I do like the look and color, so if you do not mind blotting and re-applying initially, it has a wonderful vintage look. 

One of my latest things is trying to replicate the 1920's eye, but not look like I am wearing a costume. I am never dressed head to toe in 20's-30's garb...I mainly just add a touch of the feel of the eras. A hat or jewelry sets the mood, but easiest for me is make up and maybe hair. So not wanting to wear the all black liner smudged in, I now do a modified smokey eye. Alamay makes it easy! I just bought the kit for blue eyes and it is so easy and goes quickly and as I become a bit more confident at doing it , I have substituted other colors. I LOVE , E.L.F Cosmetics , you can find them in Target and online as well! You can not beat the price and the quality is awesome too! At most things 1.00 I can buy a new shadow , blush, lipstick on a whim and not break the bank. They have other price points as well, but nothing really goes above 10.00 and that is for bigger kits! I just purchased the compact and made up my own pallet , and the face spray make up fixative to help with the slide that happens when the temps go up. I do adore high end cosmetics, but my budget does not, and these two brands really fit in nicely on shopping day.

  Here is a link to a page that goes a bit further into 1920's can also see tutorials on YouTube.

Moving on , let's talk about a few little tricks...I already mentioned olive is great for the skin as well, and if you get extra virgin you can scent it to over ride that olive scent. I also, at nearly 45 am still getting break outs, right along dry skin, wrinkles and peach fuzz!! So I found quite sometime ago a tiny trick that worked for me, I use Aveeno calamine, anti-itch lotion in the tube and dot it on my break outs and within two days the pimple is gone and the skin is not dried out! I do not know if it will work out for you, but it does for me. I also use Vaseline for the brows to smooth and shape...but one time I had none and I used triple antibiotic..would not recommend doing it daily, but in a pinch...oh and hairspray on a clean spooly brush, it works too. Preparation H works to tighten the bags under eyes, but be very careful not to get too close to eyes and wash hands after...just dot on using your index finger like a charm! 
Hair. I am growing mine back out as I have mentioned before. I had the perfect Louise Brooks hair and it got very hot around here and I got scissor happy. Shorter and shorter it went. So now as it is growing the other direction and is a short blunt bob I am going through growing pains. The are days hats or scarfs save me from a horrid amount of frustration. Other times I have good hair days when it dries nearly frizz free and is easy to shape up with the blow dryer or a touch up of the flat iron. But I do not always want to use heat, so recently I have been trying my hand at finger waves...not so easy to do on your own and trying to stay away from a lot of product...I used to be able to do them years ago when my hair was a bit more wavy/curly, but my hormones have robbed me of that luxury. So the other day I began experimenting. I sprayed some Nexxus Sleek Memory...a long time fav of mine to help guard against heat products and to condition my weakened by health hair, and then I used my large bobbie pins and normal snap clips.... then I let it air dry , I think it came out pretty good. Not perfection, but a good beginning.

This was two days in with wind blowing!
The other day I picked up official wave clips at the drug store. Today is the first time. I put in some Garner Color Shield as the fixative. I like this product since if you use some extra you can get a near gel set, yet after you can brush your hair and it is very soft. Normally I use just a dime size amount and it works great for when I want to blow out my hair more round or air dry for a flatter, smoother finish. 
Working on the waves...

decided to deepen the wave..took a clip out to show work in progress.
So that is all I have today ...we spent the day in and around  Fairplay Ca.  at private wine tour and tasting...we had a grand time , of course I shall share all with you. Tomorrow a close up of make up and hair and a couple more of my fav beauty products. But till then you can click here if you are interested in learning more about 1920's hair styles and how to re-create them.

Till next we meet....


  1. That is such a fabulous photo of you! O_O Ima print and frame that one :D

  2. My aunt used to wear her hair in a pageboy with the deepest finger waves you would ever see! She was so proud of how deep she could get them. Her secret? Used the long clips as you have done for the valleys but also used the criss-cross long spring clips for the ridges. Looking forward to the results of your set. You can also get a good result with each row of pin curls going in opposite directions. Ah, those were the days...


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