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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunday in Sonoma ~ Mission San Francisco Solano

We left off in yesterday's blog post with a drive into then a walk around the square in Sonoma California. It had been a lovely drive down from the Sacramento area, and the weather could not be more perfect. The sun was out there was puffy white clouds in the sky and there was a breeze..and the highs were to only reach 78 degrees. Our friends from the San Jose area, Tim and Robbie had finally arrived and we decided to explore the buildings that comprised the State Park, at least those on the square as well as take a peek inside the Mission San Francisco Solono and barracks. It was a wonderful deal at only 3.00 each person you could also, if you have time, all the surrounding state park areas in and around the Sonoma Valley. Sadly we were not able to do so. We hope before 2012 hits we will, as it is rumored that they will be included to be closed due to lack of funding. Many of the buildings were closed and locked and we could no longer tour them as it was.

Back side behind buildings of state park.
The front of the Blue Wing Inn ...I think. There was not anything to tell me one way or the other....I found name on web site.
A sign that said what was around, but once inside....

Inside the actual state park. Nothing was open, so pretty much only could stroll through grounds. I truly had no idea which building was which were as there was no plaques. I am guessing the yellow building was servants quarters and the others??? i was disappointed. Kind of nice to know what you are looking at.

Front of barracks
Inside....not a life I would want to lead!

Side of barracks
View from upstairs in the barracks...there was not a single room open up there, but the view was great!
One of the out buildings, You could see in the old wagon fruits, vegies and supplies

The mission , across the street from the barracks and other buildings.

Just loved the California Poppies growing here!

Now on to the inside. It was one of the smallest missions I had ever been to. Saw it in a mere 10 minutes. I am used to spending quiet a long time when we visit missions, I was very surprised. Makes me wonder if at one time there was more and it is just no longer there.

Inside the museum that led into the actual Chapel portion, there was a few cases with artifacts, maps, and plaques.

Just a few of the artifacts, again limited to where you can take photos.

I did really like the lighting and the hand painted artwork that is so common in missions.
The lighting throughout the entire mission.
Inside this room, the original dining room was artist, Chris Jorgensen's(1859-1935) depictions of all the missions( painted 1903-1905), no flash photos allowed in a lot of areas, this is one of them.

Inside the Chapel built between 1840-1841

The alter.
Add caption

The other end of the chapel. I tried and tried to get better pics, but alas the lighting was very poor.
The gardens in the courtyard behind the mission was my fav spot!

I truly wish there had been a tour guide , a better description of each building in the state park....all we got was a hand out about the mission. All in all I did not mind paying 3.00 a person to support keeping history alive for future generations, but it was a bit disappointing. I did a bit of research for you, and gathered a couple of links, so if you wish to read up more on Mission San Francisco Solano click HERE . For the State Park info ...HERE ...and there is very little I could find past this. 

Tomorrow, our visit to a local bakery, a picnic at a winery and a some wine tasting, I know after the frustration and disappointment from the whole Mission tour ( lack of info ect) I was ready to move on I do hope you will come back tomorrow for that.


  1. Wow I'd love to see this. You and I have so much in common Ruby honey! Hope you are well darling. Have a great Tuesday! Kori xoxo

  2. So informative Ruby. For someone like me who knows a lot about European history but very little about US history, it was really interesting. Love the pictures (especially the poppies. My fav flower).
    Hope you are feeling well sweetheart xx

  3. Oh, thank you. I feel as though I've been there with you. The barracks look just like, well, barracks -- no distractions. Love the garden, too. Coming back for more.


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