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Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday in Sonoma ~ A Daycation shared With Friends

 Hello all! Happy Monday! I do hope you all had a lovely day yesterday. I did. It was wonderful in fact. Simply divine. Though today I am feeling it, it is just the side effect of fibro, one great day and one spent recovering. So very worth it though! I thought I would spread this sharing of our daycation over the next several days...break it down so not too overwhelming. So I do hope you will come along for the journey!

My day began at 7 a.m. I knew I would need a good breakfast and a couple cups of joe to wake up, get going, having been sick this whole past week with a cold that just will not go away ( still have it) . Took some time to lift the sleepies and want to greet the day. What a day it was to be! Dearest hubby and I were to meet a couple of friends we have known for about 14 years. Well one part of the couple...Tim, we met his lovely and adorable husband Robbie a number of years back and instantly fell in love with him. We had not seen them in two years, but they have been there for us when we needed it so many ways, and finally we were able to pay them back. What a wonderful feeling to be at that point again. Weights lifted.

Our dear friends Tim and Robbie

So after the cobwebs lifted, and I had spruced up appropriately, munchies were packed in the picnic basket and we were on our way. We made the nearly two hour drive into Sonoma. We do not mind. We used to make such drives to eat lunch and turn around and come home, and the scenery is lovely once you leave the 80 and head on the 12 to the Napa-Sonoma area.

Don't you agree? 
We finally arrived to the beyond charming older area of Sonoma. The Sonoma Square area. And instantly just were over the moon with wonderful visuals....

Lovely Victorian homes...won't spoil for you, so just one. Hope you can travel there and see yourself!

Heading towards the center of the town.

The history of the family tree of The Valley Of the Moon aka Sonoma area.

The backside of the Sonoma State Park

The square is filled with wonderful shops to poke into and places to eat, and wine to sip!

The Mission San Francisco Solono

More charming things to see and do!

Just love the mix of eras!
We had beaten our friends to town, so we took the time to walk around and stretch our was not going to be a day of poking in shops or spending much time in this lovely town...we had plans to journey around the surrounding areas. But we wanted to get a preview as hubby and I do indeed plan to come back here, just the two of us to do just that, to park, stay and explore. There is not a lack of things to see and do here and it can surely fill your day to the brim. 

Could not help having a photo taken of me in front of this car.

I just adore the hidden paths!

And shaded walkways through the park just make my heart flutter!

I am going to leave off here....tomorrow the exploring of the Mission and the surrounding State Park grounds...hope you will pop back in for that! xx


  1. Oh, how fun! And, OMG! I love that car! Haven't seen one since my early years (and, I do mean early years!) Thanks for the tour. I'm looking forward to the next installment. Enjoy!

  2. What a fun post, Ruby ... so glad you see that you had a fun adventure with your good friends, who sound delightful! Can't wait to hear more about the Mission and park ;) xoxo

  3. How wonderful to live so close to so many wonderful places!

  4. Really enjoyed this one as we were there a little over a year ago. Didn't stay long enough to see everything you saw, but took some great photos of the Mission. And that car was just MEANT for you to pose next to! (Love the new blog design, too).

  5. Ah what fun. You are giving me wanderlust, Ruby. And the craving to pull out my cloche hats.

  6. Ruby, love the posting!Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Your hat is stunning!
    Thanks for sharing! xxx


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