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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sweet Surprises

A booklet about Shocolaate *
Yesterday a wonderful sweet surprise arrived to my doorstep. Well to the apartment complex office actually. Chocolate truffles from Shocolatte ! The lovely mother ~ daughter duo of Diana Pace & Cristina Vives had sent me a sampling of their assortment box of divine truffles. I was wanting to try them to start giving them for special occasions, as I have many coming up. I could have gone with See's or Godiva's..both very good chocolates, but as I do not drive and wanted something just a bit more special and made with love, I had planned to order from them this coming month. But of course I needed to sample the offerings. 

When I picked up the box I was worried over the heat we had that day and the days leading up to it, and then the warmth on the top shelf of the room where our apartment office stores packages. So when the lovely ladies emailed me and told me my box should have arrived I dressed quickly and rushed down and signed for my box that was indeed there. I nearly ran all the way back to our apartment and opened the box as quickly as I could. 

What I saw upon opening...

pulled out the box...

and little white hearts of love fell out!

A lovely note and a get well wish were included!! ( I have been under the weather)
Within the ribbon of gold were more hearts and pearls as well!

After marveling, "ohhhing" and "awwwwing" , I opened the box. Sadly because of most likely how our apartment complex handled and stored the box for the day it was a bit tousled and a wee bit melted, but they still looked perfect to me !  I am 100% sure had it not been over 90 degrees and had our mail man not been in the practice of leaving mail out in open boxes in the sun while sorting and then the office storage room always being an oven they would look just as they do on the web site...I have had friends order and then photographing & sharing online...that is the only proof I need. (Just one of the few drawbacks to apartment our mail/packages are handled.) OHHH! And they have been featured on David Tutera's "My Fair Wedding" ...and  since that is one of my all time fav shows....IF David stands by them, then indeed so do I!

But look! Pink! Pink makes it all better. This is called French Kiss!

My sweet surprises ! Each one a little treasure!
In the box...
  • The Provence
  • The Star of India
  • The Twilight
  • The White Cloud
  • The Colombian
  • The French Kiss
  • The Orange Blossom
  • The Venezia
You can click here for a description of each flavor. Even they are divine!

I promptly popped the box into the freezer to re-firm. Having made truffles at home, I know that always works quickly, and well. Indeed it did not let me down. Later that evening the dear hubby and I fixed a late night snack of Strawberries with Creme Fraiche , a bit of French Bubbly and then the truffles....
We each sampled a half truffle...and rated them up to four stars. They all were no less than a three star...but once we hit upon the Provence and the French kiss we were swooning and they surpassed the four star rating indeed. For you, my reader it may be another flavor, perhaps the heat from the Star of India, or maybe you like coconut so the White Cloud is more to your liking...I am sure if our daughters tasted there would be a wide range of ratings depending on their personal tastes...but trust me they are all simply decadent and delicious! 

The Provence *

The French Kiss *
This wonderful treasure box of sweet surprises from Shocolaate simply made my week ! I can hardly wait until it is time to make my order, and my next and then the next! It is an indulgence for me for sure, a luxurious treat indeed...but I do believe it is one that I am worthy of from time to time...after all what is life without a wonderful box of chocolates to nibble upon from time to time? 

Contact info : LINK
Other places to read up on Shocolaate
****All photos with stars are from the web site...all others are photos I took.


  1. Yummy!! Perfect accompaniment to go with your Bramble Briar and Rose Bath Soak! Who wouldn't want to nibble on the best chocolates while taking a sumptuous long soak? giggles... By the way, sweetie LOVE the new look of your blog!


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