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Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's My Birthday!

Well it is that time of year again. I am another year older, and I would like to think wiser and better too. This past year of life has been one heck of a ride for sure. A true roller coaster ride......
At times it seemed also very much like a merry go round ride, getting nowhere fast, just going in circles. 

 But I have made it through. I thought, I hoped, I dreamed I would have my new smile by now and be able to start my second half of my 40's with a beautiful smile. Sadly that has not happened. I keep hanging onto that hope. Good things have happened, hubbies job has improved , I have maintained my weight over a year now, my fibro has not gotten worse, my fibroids have , but I am dealing with that better than expected, which proves my spirit is in a better place. Our daughter just became engaged, things are working themselves out for our other daughters. Relations with my Mom has become better and I have made so many wonderful new online friends that have been such life lines over the last year. So on that note I am throwing myself an online party for myself. Here we go.....

I'm all dressed up.....
The gangs all here....

We have cake and there is candles to blow out ! Hope you will help me ....
The hooch is flowing ....
So is the conversation!
Balloons are bouncing about and so are the party goer's!
There's even dancing! Now all we need is you......


  1. Happy Birthday, Ruby!

    Hope this next year will give you more to smile about

  2. Happy Birthday!! May the year ahead be filled with many celebrations .... xo HHL

    We are all smiling for you Ruby. But the smile in YOUR heart is the one that counts xx

  4. A very very happy birthday to you - and many more!!!

  5. Happy Birthday, to you! You young whippersnapper, you. I'm going to stay by the punch bowl because my throat is so dry and Champagne does improve it so. Besides, that's where the best gossip is and somebody has to take care of it! Have a great day with friends and family and do lots of things that make happy memories! [P.S. You may do anything I would do.]


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