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Monday, July 11, 2011

Surprises &Celebrations !

Saturday was my 45th birthday as I had mentioned in my last blog post. I thought it was going to be a rather quiet day spent with two of our three daughters with a bite to eat, a bit of window shopping and then home for a champagne cocktail to end the day. I am pretty used to such birthdays, gone are the days of large celebrations. 

The day did not start out quite as I would like. I awoke with a charlie horse in my calf, then our male cat Koko who has been very ill got sick, not once, but twice and I had to clean it up. Our youngest was to bring coffee and breakfast, so I sat hungry waiting for her to call, as the hours ticked by ...the charlie horse had waken me up way too early. Finally I heard footsteps on the stairs and went to the door to see if it was our daughter, figuring that her hands would be full with my coffee and breakfast. I opened the door and much to my huge  surprise, our younger daughter was there, but she was joined by our oldest daughter who now lives in Arizona , we have not seen her in a year and a half! She was here to surprise myself and her Dad for our birthdays ( hubbies follows mine , his is the 16th) and had apparently been in secretive plans for 6 months with her younger sister. So here is the photos from that day was a wonderful birthday after all ! 

Sneaking up the stairs with flowers, balloons and coffee for Mom.
Oldest Daughter Chanda & sister Rebecca at California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. 

Myself and youngest daughter Angel across the table.

Birthday cheers to me!
My three girls (L-R) Angel, Rebecca and Chanda.

The sneaky ones!!
My outfit for the day.
Some of the gifts from my girls ready to open...
My balloons, they scared the cats half to death, but I do adore balloons!
Flowers from pretty!
The Madam Alexander Betty Boop doll from my hubby!

A few gifties from Rebecca.

The paper flowers Rebecca made me for my gift bag and below for the table.
Hubby came home early and got gifts as well, just a bit early.

We get to share the chocolates, but the pink is mine!

Gourmet olive oil, I hear it is great on strawberries

Hubbies cake....

My cupcake complete with a butterfly!
Me and my girls....could not pick a fav photo so sharing all.

Myself and Chanda.The sneaky ninja as Rebecca called her.

Now a pic with Daddy and girls. 
Time for bubbly, some pomegranate juice, and a dash of rose water added.

So happy to have my family with me.

Waiting on the flame to turn pink.....

Blowing out the candle and making some pretty big wishes.

Now hubbies turn...

One happy family

The birthday couple who had such a grand day!


  1. Im the best sneaky ninja ever!!

  2. What a delightful surprise and day you both had! It's a wonder you didn't have a heart attack... You have a beautiful family and it's wonderful to see the joy in your face... Thanks for sharing.

  3. sounds like such a fabulous birthday!!! happy birthday sweetie!!! you look amazing as well!!

  4. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful time. Plus, you looked FABULOUS (which is of course the important thing, no?)

    Bonus: You're still younger than I am. Enjoy! :)

  5. You look gorgeous! What a lovely birthday celebration! xxx


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