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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Sunday Drive :Woodland Ca.

On Sunday after driving our oldest daughter to the airport for her to return to Arizona, we decided to go the rest of the 12 miles to Woodland California. Another one of the towns in our own back yard that we had yet to explore. It was still a bit too warm to get out and really walk around, so we we just drove through the grid of streets in this charming and changing city. 

After driving on Interstate 5 for just a short period of time, crossing over the Sacramento River, in the middle of open fields where you could see for miles, we exited onto Main Street and followed the signs to the Historic district. At first I wondered if we would find anything we really wanted to see. Modern buildings, box stores and at one point a section that had every fast food place you could think of all in one square block was all we saw, but soon we were awarded with the hints of things to come. An older factory, lined up Sacramento river tour trains lined up on the tracks to my right, and soon a sign welcoming us to the historic district. 

We at first drove down the main street and was instantly charmed with the cafe's and antique stores that inter- mingled with every day stores. we oohed and awed over architecture of buildings on Main Street. I spotted the Opera House and a few other historic high lights, and so we decided we would get out and stroll just enough to snap a few photos. I hope you enjoy as much as we did at just taking a peek into the past via Historic Woodland California. 

Sits just off Main street, opens to a lovely park area.
Main Street
One day will come back and sit on this patio to eat and then explore shops!
side street off of Main.
Notice a "V" instead of a "U" for the word Public *giggle*
Front of Library faces next street over from Main.
The just administrator offices and mini museum.
Of course I found something with a date from the 20's on it!
*1923 American La France Pumper. Engine built in Elmira New York and shipped by railroad.Arrived 3-3-24 Original cost 10,750.00. Engine #2  restore took app. 1800 Volunteer hours to restore at price tag of 27,500.00 !
Tomorrow a drive through the neighborhoods behind Main Street and a few jewel in the crown of Woodland Ca.


  1. Don't you just love discovering picturesque little towns right in your own back yard! I can't resist and road I've never taken and find the most interesting places. Thanks for sharing. My uncle was a fireman and talked about those old pump machines. First time, I've seen one... Have a great day.

  2. Hi Ruby! Is that your name? I live in Woodland!! THANK YOU for highlighting the BEST part of our lil town! And yes, we have almost every fast food burger joint known to man LOL, but we do have the cutest, quaintest downtown too (and yah, I'm partial about the Opera House, as my daughter takes a singing class there). Thanks for visiting our awesome town and posting a top notch write up! I will share your blog site with my "Woodlander" friends!!

  3. Too funny my husband and I fell in love with Woodland the same way and ended up buying our first home there a year ago. It's so hard to find history in California with all of the development. Being from the east coast Woodland reminded us of home but with much nicer weather.

  4. @Holly Martin... Ruby is a nickname, but what most people who know me call me. You live in a lovely town and I hope to one day soon get back and do a right proper visit! Thanks for all who have read, looked and commented. If you ever wish to email me or get an email from me just make sure to leave contact info. If you live in Nor Cal and within a 3 hr drive of Roseville , let me know some of your fav places to explore! xx


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