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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let'em Eat Pie

Love me some pie!
Yesterday was just one of those days. It was 100 degrees out, I had no more chores left to do, was stir crazy in the four walls and there was not much going on within the social networks that I frequent. So what was a girl left to do? I decided to make a pie. Yep, I turned on the oven during a heat wave. Thank goodness for A.C. and a portable fan. Now of course being in the state of a bored and well I will just say it, hormonal mind, I did not think this through very well. I knew I had pie crust, but that was about it. I always have it on hand for both sweet and savory recipes, but do not always keep other ingredients on hand. I decided after going through the cupboards, the fridge and freezer as well that I would play mad scientist and just create. 

Do you know how hard it is to find a WOMAN mad scientist?

I managed to find some frozen strawberries, knowing they would thaw out rather rapidly in the heat. Next I pulled out some preserves to kick up the flavor some, my sweetener, a bit of cornstarch to thicken the juices and of course the pie crust.

I then , threw it all together. No, I did not measure...remember mad scientist here!.... I simply eyeballed, maybe a 1/4 cup of sweetener, same of preserves, and a good covering of cornstarch went into the bowl.

I set about playing Suzie Homemaker and rolled out my pie crust, put it on the sheet pan with a sillpat under so if there was to be any oozing it would make for easy clean up , humming a happy tune and so pleased with my idea of a rustic strawberry pie.....

I brushed a bit of half and half instead of egg wash on the outside and even over the fruit for a touch of richness, sprinkled a handful of raw sugar over the top, and waited for my oven to come to temp..I set it at 400 degrees, but you can follow the box instructions on the pie crust you purchase , or recipe if you made your crust. I then popped it into the oven, turned the light on to keep an eye on it ( I just baked till golden brown on the crust and bubbly fruit...for me about 30-35 minutes, but play it by ear   um eyeball it) and waited to see what would happen.....

 Well as you can see what happened is , the crust split, and it did indeed ooze. I have never used strawberries, and usually have not used as much filling as I did, it did apparently cause more issues than first imagined. Thank god for the silpat. This is the very first time one of my rustic pies had done this. I think next time I will use a pie dish and not even have to worry about oozing or transferring from pan to plate, because when I did so, part of it fell apart...ok I will admit right here, I have the proverbial pie on the face....I tried to move it too soon. I did not let it cool fully....but I think I pieced it back together rather well !!! Good enough anyway. It was simply just going to be cut up and served later anyway!
When hubby came home and saw what I had made, all he said was "YUMMY" and could care less. Then he was such a dear and sliced it up after supper, put a small dallop of creme fraiche on top, poured out two glasses of Rose' wine and even snapped the photos of all of it before he brought it over.......
No matter how it looked, it tasted divine, and we shall have the leftovers tonight as a matter of fact....hubby did not mind a bit I had played mad scientist and after the last bite said he was glad for it . Such a sweetie he is ! If you attempt to play in the kitchen and try to make a rustic fruit pie, a few tips....
  • Drain fruit if you see too much moisture.
  • If you use a silpat lined pan, let fully cool before you try to move it , no worries of sticking , silpats prevent that. 
  • enjoy it no matter how it looks!

OH! And remember to giggle about it all !


  1. my mad scientist stuff in the kitchen always oozes out and all over. never pretty enough for photos but always tastes good.

  2. Whenever that happens to one of my pies, I call it a cobbler! They're still yummy. I think it looked pretty. My gentleman caller would have loved it no matter what it looked like. Good job, you.

  3. it looks delicious. kudos to you.. i'm not much of a baker because of all that measuring business but that looks so yummy!!! can you send me a slice?! :):)

  4. I think it looked terrific and I bet it tasted even better! Love the photos you used in this post.


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