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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stepping Back In Time

 I had been trying to decide what to write about today. With no daycation happening for well over a week, it being too hot to do much out of doors right now anyway, and having already shared how to do easy finger waves, was at a lost as to what to write. So today has been filled with doing a few chores, chatting on Twitter and in between time I have been watching Silent Films that I have been recording on Turner Classic Movies
(TCM). I simply adore that channel, it allows me to step back in time on a regular basis. Escape all the current craziness in the world and get lost in the music paired with the silent films, from romantic and haunting to comical. It forces me, as do foreign films do, to pay close attention to what I am watching so that I miss nothing , especially the sub titles.


I figured today was a perfect Roudolph Valentino day, today, The Sheik (circa 1921)...found this interesting article on Rudolph...but not about as much as when he was alive , but where he might haunt. Interesting thing is it mentions The Santa Maria Inn, in of course Santa Maria California. I once lived in that town, and I actually stayed in that hotel on two occasions. I believe in my heart he very much would enjoy coming back there both in life and after.

"Rudolph Valentino – Rudolph Valentino was one of the greatest romantic idols of Hollywood’s silent movie era. His career, however, was cut short when he died at the age of 31 from complications of an ulcer. Immediately after his death, the "Latin Lover” began to haunt his home grounds of Hollywood and to this day, is said to be its most active ghost. Valentino has been spotted in a number of places, most often in his former mansion – the Falcon’s Lair. Here, his image has been seen in the hallways, in his old bedroom, peering from a window on the second floor, and in the stables. One stable worker, after having seen Valentino petting his favorite horse, promptly quit his job and never returned. He has also been spied at his beach house in Oxnard and the Santa Maria Inn in Santa Maria Inn where he has been known to continuously knock and the door and reclines on the bed. The Sheik’s shimmering form has also been seen floating among the costume department at Paramount Studios and roaming the catwalks above Studio Five. Lastly, he has also been sighted near his resting place in the Cathedral Mausoleum at Hollywood Forever Memorial Park. " * Photo and passage via

 Now with Charleston Chews near by, I settled in. What a perfect way to spend a lazy Summer day....and since I enjoyed it so, thought I would share a few videos of Rudy and about him as well. I hope you will enjoy...make sure to grab your pop corn and candy and settle in , get comfy , you will be here a bit. xx * see more on You Tube

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  1. Now, why am I not surprise! I love Turner Classics, too, and find myself visiting old friends, all the time. I love to 'discover' today's start doing their first forays into film. However, you're going back far enough that most of those have moved on to the next life! Thanks for sharing the videos.


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