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Sunday, July 24, 2011

An odd delayed post.... From a Sunday Daycation

This was to go out on 7-24-11, oddly it never did, and oddly I did not notice until today using the new blogger interface. So thought I would post. If it had done so before,and blogger is just messing with me....I do apologize.Ruby

A week later and we have reached the end of the journey to the Pacific Coast daycation hubby and I took last Sunday. San Francisco. I truly hope you enjoyed it. I know I enjoyed it the day of and the remembering while I shared with all of you. Makes me want to go do it all over again, it truly was a perfect day!

In yesterday's post I listed all the links, just in case you have been busy this week, and wanted to get caught up. Now on to the photo album.It is a long one, but I wanted to finish the series up, so hope you will forgive.

Just one of many Ferry buildings leading to the piers.

You can tour the bay, even eat a meal upon the water.

Our destination, The Ferry Building Market Place
First place I spot and head to!

More French Macarons! Flower flavors. I bought geranium rose and chocolate lavender. I think the ones we found in Yountville were far better, more crisp and light, but these were very good as well.

Pink fluffy meringues!! 

Chocolate caramels....

Sweets galore on tables, shelves and counters. A girly candy land! Oh and there is hubby buying my sweets!

A beautiful organic market ...

with flowers at day's end, still so bright and cheerful!

German Chocolate mmmmm

So many wonderful cheeses to sample and take home!

As well as toppings too!

Fresh herbs.

And home made honey.
One of our main destinations, as we saw it on Food Network! 
Such a charming little place...and hubby was in heaven!
We got two cones of pork, one was free as the owner was closing the doors for the night. Lucky us we just made it!

Soon with our cone of pork in hand to snack upon, we strolled through the market place snapping off photos of the places we would like to try next time.

A tea house.
Of course the wine bar.

We had gotten into SF late for a Sunday, so we left the closing Market Place and took a stroll to find where we would like to eat for supper.

The Bay Bridge.

I do not know why but I just loved this photo!

A truly back in time way to get around....

And day I would love to ride in the back of this car!
Where we decided to get dinner...have always wanted to try it....another Food Network spot.

For a diner, it was pretty swanky! Everyone in white coats, black from the 30's through 40's was playing in the was perfect!

The ceiling was just so nifty!

Wine in a diner? YES! In this one, not unusual, neither is a Martini or two!

Yes, there was a plethora of gourmet food to be had, but at the end of the day a scrumptious burger was in order. We shared and they were nice enough to split it between two plates.

Banana Foster. If you look close enough you can see the is the gray spot on the ice good! Potent too!

Sadly after supper it was time to walk back to the car and head home, it had been a very long day. On the way we popped into a hidden park and a nice couple took our photo for us.

I loved the flowers growing in the benches!
One of these days we shall come back and visit the dinner theater that promises to be magical!
 And that was our very full daycation to the Pacific Coast last Sunday. I am so pleased you decided to take the journey with us!

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  1. Wow ~ Fantastic daycation. I didn't see that you posted this on twitter, which I am most certain you probably did. The weather looked perfect, and you m'dear looked lovely (more like divine!)

    Thank you for sharing these photos. xo Melissa


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