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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Sunday Daycation To Remember.Part 6 : 20mph

I'm hoping you are enjoying this weeks recap of hubby and I's trip over to the coast and then on down Hwy 1 into San Francisco. It is a time consuming journey to take the back roads into the city.It was a beautiful day and the roads had many cars parked along the sides, outdoorsy people were milling all about and cyclists were on the road in the dozens, which made it slower going than 20mph for the most part, since there really is not proper bike lanes. We truly did not mind as the view was intoxicating and we wanted to enjoy it as long as possible! 

So you have been along for the ride, so to say, for our first stop in Yountville, then the Bodega area, you saw a glimpse of Tomales as well as Point Reyes Station(no worries one day we will explore both more fully)and now we are in the final leg before reaching San grab your coffee, tea or wine...depending on the day and enjoy the journey! OH! And if you have not been with us so I know life gets in the way, go back to *Monday's post and start from the beginning. ( *Tue. Wed. Thurs. Fri.)

The view across the bay from Hwy 1, just past Point Reyes Station.

A glance back....

Close enough to touch!

You now can make out the city!

The Golden Gate Bridge is in our sights!
First real glimpse of SF.

Now down to less than 20mph

Once off the bridge the beautiful architecture begins.
I love marina areas! And across the street there is the people who can afford to have the view daily.... day I shall take the tour!!

The impressive and crowded sky line !

The rolling hills begin!

The Transcontinental , always a beacon that announces we are in San Francisco. 
Tomorrow, the Embarcadero area and the time we spent there.


  1. Gorgeous post again Ruby! Kori xoxo

  2. Nice! (Did you read my post on the Golden Gate bridge??) Yikes. ;-)


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