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Friday, July 22, 2011

A Sunday Daycation To Remember.Part 5 : Further On Down The Road

So here we are, day five. Yesterday we cruised through Tomales Ca., after leaving the Bodega Bay area and before that Yountville. All with a goal to make San Francisco via the scenic route(aka curvy roads at 20 mph.). 

The drive down scenic Hwy One is simply one can argue or doubt that. There is rolling hills and farm land, inlets of water with sailboats floating atop and small towns around it's boarders. The landscape ebs and flows just as the water does on the shore that often times is on the roads edge. Every turn offers more of the same beauty, yet somehow there is more added till it truly takes your breath away. 

As the miles add up and the views intoxicate, I all owed myself to dream of living in such small historic towns that we passed through, of living my days sitting at the waters edge with the sunlight sparkling like diamonds upon the breaks and being enveloped during foggy days with a thick blanket of comfort and relaxation. I once lived that life and truly miss it with each breath I breath. Being around water, even driving past breathes life back into my soul. I hope by sharing even just a bit of what I saw is on some level has the same effect if needed. 

I can see myself living at that farm there on the waters edge. Walking to the nearby road side cafe for BBQ'd oysters and cool drink during Summer, and clam chowder during the cooler months.

The main street of Point Reyes Station. Lined with cafes and small quaint shops, it is the plan with our next visit to stop here, explore, visit a near by vineyard, as well as the light house on the point.    

Somewhere in the distance is San Francisco.....

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