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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Sunday Daycation To Remember. Part 2. Bodega CA.

So yesterday I began to share with you the daycation trip hubby dearest and myself took to the Pacific Coast..with a departure off route to go to a lovely bakery in Yountville,CA.and grab French style Macrons, plus a loaf of bread. About one hour and forty minutes from Yountville ( with traffic ) we were there at our first destination. Bodega. Normally two and a half hours if driven strait through, so not a bad drive to see such beautiful scenery.

Bodega/Bodega Bay in California,near and on Highway One and on the Pacific Coast is most famous for being the town where Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds was filmed. I had never really watched the movie, though a fan of Hitchcock, it just freaked me out a bit too much, but always wanted to see the ocean side town that served as the back drop. So now onto the pictorial tour...

The skies in the distance towards the coast...our destination.

The roadside view as we left Yountville .

Just loved this lovely home peeking out from behind a lush garden.

The roads were curvy, narrow and shrouded in was truly magical feeling, like driving through a fairie forest!

In the distance Santa Rosa...a lovely town we visited during our Sonoma trip and where we would join Hwy 101

The steeple off in the distance announced we were getting closer.

We arrived and were greeted with all the historic buildings that make up Bodega.

Potter School, very famous for The Birds, the building I remembered most. It was not open on Sunday, but was able to take this photo.

An adorable antique store across the street, only open on Saturdays...such a shame. Sorry for the glare , too pics from car.

St. Teresa's Church....another building from the movie.

The lone grave behind the church.

The town of Bodega ...was difficult to stop on hwy & take pics, so snapped this from top of drive near church. There is a coffee shop and a couple gift shops and other places to eat...seems BBQ'd oysters are big in this area!

So there you have the little town of Bodega...tomorrow I will post all the photos from Bodega Bay that lies just a few short miles down the road from here. There was many drive ways leading off down tree lined streets that mentioned parks, hiking, and horse riding trails, as well as various water based activities, but we headed towards Hwy One and the beaches that line the road, all with amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and where we had our picnic lunch that day.

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