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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Sunday Daycation To Remember. Part 3. Bodega Bay CA.

Afternoon in continuing the daycation posts from Monday and yesterday, we head on over to Bodega Bay which sits on and near Hwy One of California's Pacific coast.
Where we last left off.....

Finally the ocean!!Been too long!

See this rock with the hole in a bit you will see why I mention it.

Hubby had control of camera so a few shots had to be snapped off....

Now you know why I mentioned the rock with the hole in it.

The view across the street from the parking lot.

After the brief stop at Arch Rock Beach, we drove a bit back towards town to School House Beach to have our lunch...there was a path there down to the beach, but it was just a bit too windy, and high tide was coming in, so we stayed on the cliffs.

We dined on cheese, fresh baked bread, nuts and fresh fruit, and of course we had Macarons for dessert.

First raspberry.....

then blueberry...mmmm.....

The sun was out , the breeze warmed up and after lunch we spent some time just enjoying the view....

Gulls in formation. We saw many like this as well as black and then white Pelicans.

This guy was not worried about anyone walking about, he was just enjoying the view too!

Soon as the day was ticking away, we decided to head down to one last place filled with history in Bodega Bay, The Inn At The Tides. Another place featured in "The Birds" . The parking lot was very busy so grabbed this shot off line. It was the only one I could find. This is a great place, no matter if you wish to sit in the bar, the restaurant or even explore the gift shop there is an amazing view. I hear the food is pretty good too!

The view outside on the patio.

Whale bone, you can even see the blow hole on top!

Tomorrow we head out of Bodega Bay and jump back onto Hwy One on our way to San Francisco for dinner.


  1. Wow how cool! I love that the Birds was filmed there! Loving your coat Ruby honey. Another great post! Kori xoxo

  2. Love the ocean pix. Perfect for a hot summer viewing. That outfit looks great on you and I've decided that you need to let your hair grown down to where the bottom of the hat is because it frames your face so beautifully. I'm just sayin'... And, so nice to slip in a pix of hubby, too!


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