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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Touch Of Paris in Roseville California

Happy Bastille Day!  Today's blog in celebration of the French national holiday will have a touch of Paris to it . But first, let's set the mood.....

We have raspberry macarons and music too!

And of course we must have dancing ......

And libations are being poured....
Now that mood is set ...let the eye candy begin! 
This past year I discovered a shop I consider the bees knees. Each and everything in it makes my heart beat faster and I swoon at every turn. The shop Boulevard de Amelie, is tucked away on one of the side drives of the shopping center here in Roseville CA., known as The Fountains, and it is filled to the brim with treasures. There is everything from clothing to accessories, with a healthy dose of gifts and decor. Everything in this delightful shop has a touch of French/Parisian charm, a good dash of glam and glitz and a sprinkling of romance. When you walk in, you are greeted by the owner Wendy Christensen with a warm welcome and a smile. 

Last night was a "Girlfriend's Night Out" . I arranged with Wendy to come in and take photos so that you might get a peek and enjoy right along with me. So without further adieu, let us begin the visual tour. 

A true Queen, complete with crown is even attending the Girlfriend's Night Out!

The front window always takes my breath away !

Oh my lucky day!!
Girly opulence awaits .....

I love this jewelry stand so much you will see it in a couple photos! I have an idea pinned to my Truly Inspires page on Pinterest for those hankies!

This evening so did wine tasting . I enjoyed the samples so very much that I plan to make a trip up on the 24th and dedicate a wine tasting post ! Till then info HERE

The wine maker's wife and co-owner Jill Maddux serving up Bison Blanc Viognier and Petite Sirah
There was even a lovely selection of tasty mini cupcakes, like small treasures on a plate! 

Light a candle, sip your tea and read a lovely book.
Another creative display for an object we all use!

One day perhaps I shall own the skirted jewelry well as the Glamor Girl sign. 

Cuddly blankets

Even your nose can be pampered with a stylish tissue.
Here is my table, as I am the Queen of my own life !

This would be so cute on my bed , well if I ever made it (blush)

Such a neat idea to do to a small piece of furniture. And I could get used to sipping my tea from the mugs.

Of course I had to snap a photo of the black and white display!
My favorite spot in the store!!

Candles, pillows, necklaces oh my!

The selection of cards and small gifts are just the best!

Even the dressing room is lovely!
Every girl needs something delicate and ruffly!

Angels abide and watch over.


My favorite saying ! On my list of wants from this table.

This makes me *giggle*

I simply must have this of my favorite scents and the packaging is to die for!

The soaps smell divine!

The "Queen" of the shop, Wendy and a real beauty Queen, Mrs. Sacramento
I do AMOUR this.

I simply must have this , I know just the lamp I would put it on!

Take a touch of Paris to bed *giggle*

Love the bloomers!

With our darling daughter getting married next Summer, this would be a perfect gift!!

An adorable bridal party
Like this so much wanted to include a close up.The frame and photo is grand too!

Jill from Lone Buffalo Vineyards and I became fast friends... did Michelle of Helen and Wilma  and I, she helps with promotions of Boulevard de Amelie, and I found out reads my blog and tweets! Next time I shall have to get a photo of the lovely owner Windy when she has a bit more time.

If you ever find yourself in Roseville , do yourself a favor and pop over to The Fountains, spend the day, have some lunch, some rose gelato and make a point to stop in to Boulevard de Amelie, and if you can not make it, they now have a budding website and a facebook page as well! And do not forget to click on Lone Buffalo Vineyards will follow about them when we visit....OH and check out the link for Michelle as well!

Till next time .....Je vous dis adieu ( I bid you farewell) 

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