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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lincoln Tanker Fire “Teetering On Edge” Of Explosion « CBS Sacramento

29,000 gallons of propane have been burning since 12 noon PST yesterday. Team from Houston in to help end the situation. If allowed to just burn could burn for 21 days! Nearly 1 million gallons are near by that could ignite if it blows. Shrapnel could fly at least 1 mile!
Yesterday as I was watching the noon news an emergency report popped up. There was a train tanker filled with 29,000 gallons of propane on fire not too far from where my daughter Rebecca, her fiance and their dog Robbie live. I of course sent a message via text to her to not go home...or if she did, grab a few things and get the heck out! 

I finally heard from her later in the day, after hours of no news. They had gone home, and received a phone call to evacuate. It was mandatory. They did not grab much, including leaving their dog behind with extra water and food, not realizing the severity of it all. They did not grab supplies, or belongings as they really thought it would be over with by the evening. That was not to be the case. 
As I watched the news conference this morning and heard the report that it would be at least 24 hours till nearly 10,000 residents/4800 homes could return home, perhaps as long as 48 hours, and if a team from Houston Texas could not get it all under control and the propane siphoned to a more remote, safer location, then it could be 21 days or more. I again sent a message to my daughter, worried over Robbie the dog. 

I finally heard back from her and found that they had snuck back in and gotten Robbie, their second car and provisions. Of course not the smartest thing in many ways, but I did sigh a sigh of relief that they are all safe and at her future father in laws home. There is still many residents that refuse to leave. There are police, firefighters from several surrounding cities and counties there, and many people stuck not knowing what will happen in shelters in the area. There is also an amazing team of men from Houston that will be putting their lives on the line, and the future of this small, close knit town will be in their hands.
I originally was going to share a couple easy recipes with you today. Keeping the mood of wishing Autumn would reach here a bit sooner. This was more important and personal. I ask all of my readers to say a prayer or think powerfully good thoughts of safety and a quick, positive end to the situation. Everyone there needs all of the positive vibes and God's protective arms wrapped around them until it is all over. Below is the news links and a video from last night to fill in the blanks.

 Fire Fighting News Link
Lincoln Tanker Fire “Teetering On Edge” Of Explosion « CBS Sacramento

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