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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eager For Autumn to Arrive

I  have been having a lack of motivation recently. There are times when life piles everything on at once and it just pushes out everything else. I am not unhappy, just a bit stressed. There has been so much going on, and it seems that unless hubby and I are out for a daycation I can not concentrate on anything for very long.

First there was coming to the very hard decision to surrender our cat Koko to the Humane Society. Having raised him from two weeks of age, it was like taking one of my children and dropping them off and saying "here you deal with it". I struggled so much, I changed my mind nearly every minute. But I know down deep it was the right thing to do. To end his pain and suffering, or if they could, help him get healthier and live out his remaining days feeling better. We just did not have the funds to do this.
We miss you Koko aka "Bubba Bubbles"

During this time, our youngest daughter who had oral surgery, broke up with her boyfriend of two years, and moved back to our apartment.When she moved out last year, it left a huge empty spot in our lives. Then slowly, we got very used to not having someone else in on the daily mix. To suddenly readjust to her moving back in, was harder than hubby and I imagined. With her came friends coming over, staying late. A new love interest visiting. Her going out and us being worried when she was out late. We were happy to have her back, to be able to give her a place to live for as long as she would need it, but I shall not say that it has been an easy readjustment...even though it was back to something we had lived with for 18 years with her. 

In addition to Koko, our daughter and the re-adjustment, Mother Nature decided to start throwing my body through loops. It happened suddenly. I went from normal cycles and then suddenly this last month I had one that came twice with only a three day break! It frightened me. No one in my family had gone through this without ending up with a hysterectomy...something I neither want or can afford to have happen. I have made a doctors appointment and go later today. I do not mind telling you I have gone back and forth with myself about going or not. But so many have urged me to do so. Make sure this is just hormones and stress and nothing more. I have no idea what to expect, other than a bill we can not really afford. Not being a fan of going for medical care, knowing I have a few issues they will want to treat with medications I know we can not afford and me, being me, can not deal with, as I always get side it is stressing me out for sure.

Speaking of that. Yes, when it rains....we just found out that our rent will be raised as of November. We had expected it to. We had been told last year that it would raise between 30 and 50 dollars each time our lease was up. That we could manage. However it raised 100.00. We will be fine while our daughter lives with us...but when she moves out, it means tightening the purse strings back up, right when we had started letting them loosen up. We can not afford to move, as we know it would clean out our savings to do it, to secure a new apartment. We also know that in our area, finding a place as safe, with a garage and laundry in the apartment as well as very nice kitchen in the scheme of things...not to mention my nice sized master bedroom, is just not out there for a price we can afford monthly. We are doing our best to not worry about all of this till the time comes to deal with it. Of course I failed and had a freak out! I dream of someone, an Earth Angel coming to our rescue and having a small house we can rent, without a huge expense to get in, and at a price we can afford...I know this is a pipe dream...but like all my dreams and ambitions, I refuse to give up hope and refuse to shut the door on my dreams. For now all I can do is try to take one day at a time. 

So to take my mind off all my stress, I decided to play on Polyvore, and create an outfit for when the weather transitions from the long hot days of August to the cooler days of late September and early October...those perfect days when it is neither too hot or cold. I have already purchased the sweater, though I did so in a gray and white stripe...I do wish to get one in black. I am "dying" to get a black pleated midi skirt, this one is just about perfect. I would take the belt and put it over the sweater. I am of course going to make a cloche hat in the perfect shade of wine happen....already have one spotted at J.C. Penny that is just about perfect. Those shoes ...oh those shoes!! It is so hard for me to walk in heels much anymore, so working on adding new pairs as I can, while we can still swing for me to do it, and these would be wonderful for going out apple picking and pumpkin patch exploring. 

I always have a drawer full of T-shirt weight turtlenecks. I have been told that for a petite, curvy woman, they are not quite the right item of clothing for me,of course neither is a long sweater and a midi skirt.... but I love them and so going to break the rules. I mainly buy black, but am really wanting a beige as well as a gray one to add to the mix. Neutrals to set off colorful accessories, such as wonderful scarves, my hats, some gloves and maybe even colorful tights, though I picked a black textured for the outfit...I would love to venture out of my comfort zone. 

So below take a lookie at what I came up with. Of course I added a nod to the 20's and early 30's and maybe a touch of Librarian too. What do you think?

Early Fall

Knit turtleneck sweater
$25 -

$20 -

Dorothy Perkins black skirt
£23 -

Sheer stocking
$15 -

Nu + Nan patent shoes
$50 -

1928 jewelry
$24 -

1928 jewelry
$16 -

Dorothy Perkins stone bracelet
£13 -

Monsoon pin brooch
£9 -

Dickins Jones cloche hat
£30 -

H M knit scarve
£13 -

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  1. I hope the doc's appointment gives you good news!


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