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Friday, August 19, 2011

Really Big Trees! Part 2

Off on down the trail again!
Let me pick right up where we left off yesterday. What? You missed it, well ok, go back to HERE and get caught up, or you can even go all the way back to Monday's post and start there
(Tue/Wed). I will remind you where we were at just in case you forgot, or wish to start right here.

We are in the Sierra's of California. In Calaveras County. We started in Murphys (2) and then went on up the road to Arnold to go to Big Tree State Park (5)
I left you sitting here.....
Staring up at these, the Mother & Son trees. 

All caught up now! Oh good, Let's keep walking then! Well you can sit, I will do it for you! Let the adventure RE begin shall we??

is this just not the coolest?? You can walk right through here!!

North Grove Trail is filled with passages through downed trees.

I called this the 'wish bone" and I did indeed make a wish!

I do not know if you can see it or not, but tons of people have carved out their names and initials telling how far this dates back?!

Look closely and you will see why I took this photo...

Did you see her in the first shot? This lovely little creature is a Chickaree (Douglas Squirrel) I just delighted at standing below the tree and snapping off shots as she would run up and down the branches, not because of fear, but looking for food at the tips of each one!

Add caption

I have no idea who this gent is. He was coming out of the shadows as I snapped the photo. The tree however is,if I recall, The Father of the Forest. It has laid in this spot since long before the Europeans discovered the grove. The slowness of the decomposition acts like a giant time release vitamin capsule! It is said there are photos of a brass band and a troop of cavalry posed on top and people inside poking their heads through the holes where branches once grew. At the top of the photo is the top of the you a good idea how big around it is!

For those of you who did not go back to the previous post....I did not just take pictures of downed trees....

Oh I did love all the lush greenery! There was Sugar Pines, the Giant Sequoia, White Fir, Incense Cedar, and Ponderosa well as ferns, wild flowers and other various natural to the area plant life.

Often trees have been damaged by us careless humans, and other times there is also sacrificial trees. I will not go into all the reasons for the controlled burns and such, but it is for the good of the forest and it's see germination aka re-growth of the forest! 

Seriously BIG tree! Really BIG! Biggest one there I believe.

Had to do a twirly dance!

The carvings inside ...again wonder how many people left their mark??

So there you have it. My trip to see the really big trees of Calaveras Big Tree State Park. I truly hope that 2012 does not see the closing of this treasure..I would dearly love to go back in the Spring when the Dogwood trees are all blooming! What about you???

For more information ....
About California State Parks HERE 
Save the redwoods HERE 
Calaveras Big Tree State Park
1170 East Highway 4 
Arnold, CA 95223 
(209) 795-2334
* You can even camp here, and there are many more wonderful trails to explore!

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  1. What a fun group of posts!! Love em! I love the Redwoods...soooooo pretty!


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