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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hidden Treasure in Sierra Foothills of California P3

Welcome back....or just welcome if you have not been here before. If the latter is the case , be sure to click HERE and HERE to catch up on this weeks series of posts about the latest daycation. Yesterday we left off here....

Taking time to escape the Summer heat, and enjoy the relaxing signs of the babbling river running by.
So the one thing you simply must do is see this woman. (Oh and ignore the photo bomb, as my DD called it by hubby) This is Maryanne Jackson. She is Murphys welcoming party of one. The Concierge. She (wo)man's the table of brochures that will supply you with history, guides, directions and discounts to all the local attractions. She will fill you in on the people, the best wine, best places to eat and great places to shop as well as adventures to experience in and around Calaveras County. You can contact her before your visit HERE and learn more HERE. I so very much enjoyed our conversation and all she had to share about the area she obviously loves!

After visiting with Maryanne, we decided it was time to grab a bite to eat before doing any wine tasting. It was such a hard choice, as every menu sounded so wonderful! We finally decided on this lovely place, as we were able to get a seat inside where it was a bit cooler, and lucky us, by choosing to do so, had the place to ourselves!

The view from our table....paintings by local artists hang on the rough plastered walls....

Hubby loved how the cold water was served in wine bottles from local wineries.

The view next to my chair...a lovely green filled courtyard.

My choice that day, a pork cubano sandwich and garlic fries...hubby had a steak sandwich, but was half way done by the time I snapped this pic, so no pics of his...he said it was good tho!

After a lovely and quite delicious lunch, we headed off to our first wine tasting of the day.

Who could resist tasting wine in a cave underneath one of the century old buildings in town??For 5.00 for a flight you can too. The 5.00 will get you several just sublime tastings as well as a wood chip you can use towards your purchase that day, or save it and come back and use it on your next visit, as you will be back!!

I adore all the history surrounding me on the walls!

How completely unique is this wine tasting room? I have never been in someplace quite like this. Even the place in Auburn that I shared a couple weeks back, as it was more like a stone basement. This was just such a neat place to be.

Some of the many ribbons awarded to the winery/wine maker.

There was even fondue to be had!

Hubby and the winemaker/owner Carol Zucca. She was delightful, and I look froward to going back and purchasing a bottle of a couple of the wines I went weak in the knees for. Go HERE to learn more about them.
This was the second and last place we tasted. I adored the sign, and tastings were free , though there is a tip jar. We choose to skip the wine and go only for ports. We did not regret it. They were amazing! I did not even get a chance to take a photo of the owner. Though he was a lovely man, so delightful to chat with! I do not know his origin, but it had to be German, Austrian or perhaps Polish from his accent and the polka music playing.

I loved the vintage glassware all over the shop ( for sale by the way) we were served the Ports in these adorable Italian liqueur glasses. I wanted a bottle of all the offerings...Tawny, Ruby, Chocolate and Orange White. We decided on the Orange White since we have never had such a flavored Port. But I do wish to go back and get the other offerings. 

So, we have come to the end of our visit to Murphys California. I am positive it will not be our last. But before we leave....carriage ride anyone??? 

Tomorrow a side trip to Big tree State Park...just a short distance up HWY 4.

Trees so tall I had to often take more than one photo to get the entire tree in, so just imagine these two connected!!

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  1. Love this Ruby! Thanks for sharing your journey!


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