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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hidden Treasure in Sierra Foothills of California P2

So, where were we? Oh yes, I remember now...I was sharing with you the adventure along HWY4 in the Sierra Foothills..though I really do think it was more like mountains.... the town of Murphy and all there is to see and do there! If you missed it, click HERE. All caught up? Oh good. Moving on then. The last photo I shared was of The Enchanted Workshop, a lovely place that had very interesting gifts. I truly do not have space for much more past the wine we bring home, so I was just a lookie loo. 

So very hard when you do not have room to bring in anything but wine and shoes *giggle* Problem was, at least for hubby there was quite a few shops that had both! I had to contain myself!

We did not stop, I was so full from our lunch...more on that in a bit, that I promised a return visit, and I will have one!

I just love this little stretch of the street!

Frogs are huge here. Murphys is located in Calaveras County, home to the famous Mark Twain and the frog jumping contest. They still have it over in Calaveras , I believe it is in May, but you can click HERE to find out more. OH! And here too! That second one is a wonderful web site with great history to be read about.

Even the side streets have lovely shops!

Not a single building is wasted in this small burg. They are all filled with delightful places to explore, eat in or sip wine...but then I mentioned that yesterday...There are 23 wine tasting places just within Murphys alone, most of them have tasting rooms on Main Street.

Something for accessory shop for those that enjoy riding motorcycles. Murphy is a hub for cyclists to stop and grab a bite and just sit and relax.

Told you not an area goes to waste. This pass through has decorative painting and places to relax.

There's another frog making an appearance. I was told there is a wonderful wine in town that also centers around the frog!

The Murphys Historic Hotel and Restaurant is a wonderful place to soak up history and lore, grab a bite to eat, and on this day there was live music out on the patio area. It was very crowded, so we listened from the outside. Seems others had the same idea. You can even spend the night. They have a very long list of events they hold there, even murder mystery dinners! I think it is on my list to eat at next time, I heard they make a wonderful friend chicken!! Murphys is called Queen of the Sierra's, this must be the jewel in her crown and well , what better place for me to dine?? More info HERE

I love that everywhere you look in Murphys there is a nod and a remembrance of it's past.

Next time I wish to wine taste here, just to get a peek of the inside!
This is a private residence that sits back from Main Street, but I thought it was adorable.

This one turned into a shop, so cute!

Believe it or not this was a private back was amazing! Wish I could have gotten more photos of this gents garden! I hope one day you will travel to Murphys and get to see it for yourself, you can, right from Main Street!

I wanted a better shot of The Dunbar House Bed & Breakfast, but I was in the street and had to snap this quick, did not realize I cut off the sign.But I did get a couple shots of the gardens.

Doesn't it make you want to sit and stay a spell? You can! Click HERE and get more info!

Just lovely!
Whew! I am tired! Lucky for me there is benches and places to sit everywhere in Murphys!

One of the few places not filled with a shop or tasting room!

There are reminders everywhere that the founders were Irish, and many of the residents still are. Can you see the giant shamrock?

Humble beginnings .There are plaques on many of the buildings, as well as in the center of town. You can grab a pamphlet with a walking tour at the visitors center and learn more ....till then click HERE and read up!

If it did not snow up there, I could so see myself living on Main Street!
Time to rest once again. I can not think of a more perfect place to leave off.....come back tomorrow to meet a wonderful ambassador for the town of Murphys, where we tasted some amazing wine, as well as grabbed a bite to eat!

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