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Monday, August 15, 2011

Hidden Treasure in Sierra Foothills of California

Yesterday hubby and I decided it was time for another daycation. So we pulled out all the travel books, brochures and did a bit of online research. Our choice was to go back into the Sierra Foothills, back to Hwy 49 and surrounding areas and discover more hidden treasures as we had done so many times before last Summer and Fall. It was determined we would head to Murphys which is located on Hwy 4 off of the 49. We packed our ice chest, filled the gas tank and programmed the GPS, and off we we went on our adventure. 
Lucky for us, the roads no longer are made of dirt! But they are just as twisty!

If you have read any of the adventures from last year you know that Hwy 49 runs all through California Gold Country. Twisty roads, that switch back and forth and go up and down like a roller coaster for cars. Bordered often by sheer rock faces to one side and cliffs that lead to deep gullies on the other.Beautiful tall trees, rivers running fast, open farm land and on occasion what I call treasures of the Sierra's, small towns that have often been forgotten, or if we are lucky revived and thriving. Murphys is one such town. 

We drove the nearly two hours through back roads, and the roads less taken, always our favorite, passed by places explored last year, fond memories shared as we drove along with no noise past the sound of the breeze through the open windows as background. For sometime once we were on HWY 4, there was no cars that really were passing us or behind us, and then suddenly there it was, Main street, Murphys California. There was people and cars everywhere. It took us a few minutes to discover a parking lot at the local community theater, across from the city park, and secure some partial shade. Once we did, the exploring began. 

The road in and out
 A cottage you can rent.....yes please!

The creek that was next to the parking was filled with kids playing to cool off!
The nearby park!Which later filled up with families enjoying the day together and families splashing in the creek....
The view from our car....

The pokey

Inside. I know I would not wish to be thrown in here!
Cozy cafe patios are in so many nooks and crannies!

Fun little shops ...this is a resale shop...there is plenty of these filled to the brim with treasures to be found and taken home.

Main Street...filled with so many wonderful things to discover, places to dine and wine to sip!

Shaded sidewalks.... with benches you can rest upon and just watch the world go by!

Old buildings line the streets...
Some filled with tea shops....

Doesn't this look inviting??

Wine tasting, candy shops, bakeries and boutiques as well.....

And there was even a street artist.

And enchanted workshops....
Come back tomorrow for part two of our visit to Murphys, until then you can read up on your history of the quaint Sierra town here....there is plenty! LINK


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    Murphys is my new home and I love it too!! So glad you were able to visit it. There are over 15 wine tasting rooms on Main Street. I hope you had a chance to visit some of them. Come and visit Murphys during the grape stomp it is a blast.


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