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Friday, August 12, 2011

Bunny Feet

"Perhaps it is even more important to know what one should not think about than what one should think about."
Leo Tolstoy
This week, the last two really has been really filled with thoughts that I truly do not like to consider or allow to rule my day, my emotions and my heart....and most of all any actions or reactions. When I saw this quote in my email , attached to The Happiness Project "Moment of Happiness " , it shouted at me. Truly just hit me and made me fall out of my chair. Such impact and such a huge message in such a small amount of words. This is what I had forgotten. Like a Dorthy in the poppy fields, I knew I had forgotten something, but was very unsure as to what. Upon setting my eyes on this quote, I remembered. I was to cease thinking of all the bad, all the what if's , the what could be's and especially the what certainly will not be's and think about the what is, and what I know. Funny how we get caught up in the poppy fields of life and forget that. 
You may be asking well with that all being said why is there the title of Bunny Feet and why is there a photo of two girlfriends having a wonderful shared time together at a cafe? I shall tell a moment...*giggle* This past several months since being on Twitter nearly full time each day, no I guess I do not have too much of a life other than a few chores and a daycation or two a month, but it is mine and I am making the best of it that I can....anyway, rabbit bunny trails *teehee* , this past several months, as I have begun to embrace my life for what it is ( that does not mean giving up on what I need /want to have happen) and to find happiness, unlocking every door , pushing up every window sash and crawling through and exploring all paths, even the scary ones, something wonderful has happened. I found the heart of humanity and kindness was still beating very strong. Pure, clear and often on display for all to see! 
I never had in my wildest dreams, thoughts or motivations upon starting this blog, or participating in conversations on twitter to have it be a platform in which to receive handouts gifts . I wanted to share my life, all of it , even the unsightly, embarrassing, hard to share side. I wanted to spread motivation, inspiration, and kindness to others, and even myself as my blog and my heartfelt tweets have been so therapeutic, motivational, and inspiring even to myself on a daily basis. Both have been a life line as have all the wonderful men and women I come into "contact" with day in and day out. it makes me giddy to think of it. The cherry on the proverbial sundae has been that what indeed has happened is without even knowing  I was doing so, I touched peoples lives in a way that they wish to send me gratitude.  They come in the form of kind letters, sweet cards, book plates for when I have blogged about books I enjoyed, and even such things as chocolates, sparkly shoes and even vintage powder puffs. 
I have always been a giver. I give my all to everyone I meet or talk to. My heart is out in the open, nothing shielded or protected. No matter how hard I try to pay attention to the "French Lessons " I have read in the books that say the French keep some mystery to themselves , I am truly American . I often have become hurt because of it. It leaves me fragile and vulnerable. But, still, I find it is worth it. I find being a giver somehow comes back to me and in wonderful ways. I have had to learn to be humble and accept gifts in return. That the givers were not seeing it as hand outs that were based on what life I was now leading, and have lead...quite the opposite they were based on the gifts I was giving them that had no physicality to them, no value past that of an emotional one. I gave them my heart and my kindness and in return they gave me the same and then some. 
It happened again yesterday. In the mail I received something that no matter how much I desired it I would never, ever allow myself to purchase it. I may love to pretend with all my lovelies on Twitter than I am a girl that is all about luxury, divine goodies that sparkle and twinkle, but after the last few years I have become very frugal and perhaps that is an understatement . I find it hard to spend a dime on myself and on things that are pure luxury. I have my moments, I do. They are fleeting and I recoil at the very thought of money that I spent on such things and could have, should have saved for a rainy day. I want to have a healthy mix in my life, but it just causes fear in me that makes me tremble in my shoes. But back to the package that arrived yesterday.
I knew they were coming. I had been told in a sweet private tweet to expect them. And just as promised they arrived. Hubby came home from work with the box in hand. I had not left the apartment to get the mail that day. Having been rather out of sorts health wise for days now. I am sure my eyes twinkled when he walked through the door, not just because he was home, but because he held the box in his hand *shhhh do not tell him that* and I begged him to open it. So now I am ready to explain the title and what arrived.
Streetzie ( that is the lovely doll on the box) sent me a pair of her coveted slippers!!

This is what I saw upon opening the box.

There was a lovely hand written note that I shall cherish for always!

And the sweet high heeled bunny slippers were careful tucked inside. I choose black so that they would stay clean and free of soil, as I do plan to wear them daily !
I could not help but strike a very "Streetzie " pose myself upon the urging of hubby grabbing the camera. I know, I know I should smile. I just have such a hard time, even when overjoyed. Which I was! Truly! Simply over the moon! By the by, that daughter found it for 25.00 at Goodwill. Needs a bit of  TLC, and it took me quite awhile to get it from her , but it is now all mine and I could not be more pleased!

A close up of the darlings ...have to giggle, hubby snapped so many where it looked as if my toes were their teeth and made them look everything from goofy to pure evil, so pulled in the tootsies and he took this.

They now reside upon my shelving unit in their own vintage shoe box. I am considering painting the unit black, if I do...well then I plan to create a raised , mirrored platform for them to sit upon so they are shown off better.
Do not fret they will never be in the box for very long. I promise you that.
So now you have the reason for the title, still wondering about the photo? Well it has always been a favorite of mine and it represents what I wish I had on a daily basis, but not going to think of that...remembering the quote I used, so instead I think about the fact that I have so many wonderful girlfriends in which on a daily basis we share and show our hearts to each other. It matters not that we have not seen each other face to face, that we do not know the sound of each other's voices. They are my dearest of dears and we have those wonderful cafe moments on and off all day long, and that is a thought that I should think of, will think of each and every time I gaze upon the bunnies on my feet.  
To get your very own pair of Streetzies, and trust me every girl/lady should have a pair of grown up bunny slippers, click here, read all about them, pick out your favorite design...maybe choose a different animal and or color, and place your order, tell them Ruby told you to do so! You will not ever regret the luxury! I am learning it is ok to have a bit in your life, created, purchased or gifted, it is a must for a well rounded life.


  1. Dear Ruby,
    You are such a beauty on so many levels and a true inspiration! Thank you for sharing the magic that is you!


  2. They are so YOU! Now, I can imagine you hopping around during your day Twittering and Blogging and always looking for a carrot... It's a great new world; no?


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